I am a practicing attorney, abolitionist/human rights activist, entrepreneur, artist+ musician and philanthropist. I have already run for president 3x before, in 2004, 2012, and 2016 on a platform of liberty! A modern abolitionist, I am a graduate of Columbia college (where ex-president Obama went!) and Georgetown Law School, and a Harry S. Truman Scholar (the American equivalent of the British Rhodes scholarship), awarded by the U.S. Congress to reward +encourage public service, for my work to end homelessness of millions of Americans) which I used to write model state legislation to house them, which was introduced across the nation.

Several years ago, I helped my friend, the extraordinary rabbi and lawyer Rabbi Stan Levy, to start a rabbinical school, the Academy for Jewish Religion of California (AJRCA) a non-denominational school in Los Angeles that trains rabbis, cantors, and clergy to do counseling in hospitals, hospices and jails. Those counselors tell me how almost everyone they encounter in jails is locked up for drug offenses or drug-related offenses, and they do not belong in jail, and should never have been arrested, but provided optional treatment like everyone else. I care greatly about restoring our basic God given freedoms and liberties to do as we wish as long as we are not hurting anyone else. our nation's founders established this nation to support our and all humanity's God given rights to freedom, and I intend to restore our personal freedoms, making America the land of the free once again, and a light unto the world once again, freeing all humanity from oppression and slavery.

We have had enough! Laws that make a majority of Americans criminals make us all fear the government all the time, allow them to tap and follow us anywhere, and destroy our nation and world financially too. Furthermore, over 70 million Americans are now convicted of such "crimes" unable to get a job, having to either resort to crimes or earning under the minimum wage, depressing everyone's wages! In addition to millions of people whose lives are wasted who could be adding to our nation and world because they are in prison, there are the millions of people employed as police, prosecutors, judges, clerks, etc., who could be doing productive work with their lives instead of wasting public funds locking up innocent harmless people.

This is not the nation I was taught to pledge allegiance to every day in public school, a nation established "with liberty and justice for all" No! Now we are a land of slaves in jail, with over 2.4 million people in jail, mostly for victimless/consensual crimes. America has 5% of the world's population, but 25% of the world's prisoners! We arrest over 13 million people a year! These arrests not only make a mockery of our professed freedoms, they are destroying us economically, running our once great nation into the ground! Enough! I will enforce the constitution and free the slaves, day one i'm sworn into office! Day one! Enough! Let our people go! Now we shall overcome! Not some day: Now!

All my love, and thank you so much for your support and your vote! Anything helps so much, and i appreciate it so much! Saving the world, together! Love, Fred