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#NoVictimNoCrime! #FreeThe2Million! #PardonThe70Million! #StopKillingUs! #Jail is #torture+ #slavery! #enough! #NeverAgain! #NeverIsNow (brilliant, moral awesome speech, Sasha Baron Cohen! You're right!!  WE need them to respect our #PRIVACYRIGHTS / #ENCRYPTION #RIGHTS TOO!!!)

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#Democratic (socially #Libertarian!) / #LOVEparty!

#Abolitionist pro-#democracy #candidate for #president!  (I've been working last 3 years on filing Supreme Court case , just filed 6/24/19, but have to refile in next few days!, to make #Hillary Clinton president, b/c #SheWon, but LOST case on Oct. 15, 2019, w/ J. Roberts NOT voting b/c I was suing him f/ swearing in trump, originally suing to block him from swearing in trump b/c he lost to Hillary Clinton by 3m votes, so not who we elected f/ president, so should have sworn in Hillary!!!)!



#NoMoreDrugWar! #ProhibitionKills!  #Legalize #freedom!  #Freetheslaves! #humanrights! #freedom #now! #letourpeoplego! #love! #loveparty! #fredforpresident 2020!!!! thank you! <3!!! -fred schultz, jd #resist!

 “The legitimate powers of government extend only to such acts as are injurious to others.”  - President Thomas Jefferson

Fred Schultz, J.D. for president 2020!!


Incredible youtube channel vids!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucnu3oouerqwv-r_bvleewca

7/1/19 (still revising website from last campaign against Trump, Hillary, Bernie)!

in a nutshell, the plan is to 

Make America a democracy day 1! I just filed a lawsuit a week ago (7/20/19: Must refile within weeks!) w/ US Supreme Court to make Hillary Clinton president and remove evil stupid corrupt and racist and dictatorial, aka nazi kkk to the core, like his father!  They should name Hillary Clinton president b/c she won the election by 3 million votes, and we have human and constitutional rights to equal vote!   #Democracy:  If I win: In an executive order, we'll declare electoral college unconstitutional, and immediately grant vote to all USA citizens, including citizens of Puerto Rico, Guam, us virgin islands, etc.

Day 1, stop the drug prohibition war (end prescription+ legalize cannabis, coca, opium, day 1, which will greatly reduce the 30,000+ fentanyl deaths/yr, quickly climbing, and also stop most murders here and south of our border, overnight, for free!!) on people (and all other unconstitutional victimless/consensual "crimes") and repurpose police to protect us from terrorists and real criminals, end the overseas wars and bring all the troops home to protect us here, and tax trump and the wealthiest 1% so we can spend over 10 trillion $ more (over 10 yrs) on infrastructure, creating 50+ million new jobs, housing for homeless, food for starving, green energy, healthcare f/ all, etc. spending $$$ for economic development here and abroad. We will also forgive all student loans+ have free college (public+private), medical school and law school, public and private (with public service after!), free health care (Obamacare+public option), etc.! We'll free the 2 million people wrongfully imprisoned and enslaved in jails for unconstitutional "crimes", stop arresting 10-13m people / year for such crimes, and pardon the 70 million already convicted of them, so they can work and rent apartments, giving back voting rights to 70m ex-convicts too! Ok, get ready to read the best platform you've ever dreamt of! That starts w/ armed guard in every classroom too, to stop these daily shootings! We’ll bring all troops home from the wars too, very quickly!

Wealth tax: I have been fighting for USA to have a wealth tax for 18 years, since it was the centerpiece of my platform starting in 2001 for the 2004 race, which I ran in as a write-in. i wanted to have a purely progressive, not regressive, tax plan, and i still do. (taxing rich more, poor and middle class not at all if possible.) the plan is to implement that as much as possible.

My new tax plan, after crunching numbers in the wealth tax calculator put online by the stunning brilliant economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-05-23/the-wealth-detective-who-finds-the-hidden-money-of-the-super-rich) former students of the great economist Thomas Piketty, who wrote the amazing book "Capital in the 21st century" exposing that the richest 1% own over 40% of USA's assets while bottom 50% has a negative net worth!, and same thing worldwide, and proposing a global wealth tax to stop billions from suffering and working their whole lives earning nothing in the end, is to do our best to do away with sales taxes, but might not be possible.

The #WealthTax, that I've been fighting for since my first campaign new numbers are: 2% over 10m, 3% over 50m, 4% over 100m, 6% over 500b, 8% over 1b. We'll also tax non-profits f/ income, and even f/ net worth if possible! We will have to keep some income tax, hopefully at 25% over $100k and 40% over $200k, if possible (if the numbers work, which they likely will!), or even better, just 25% over $200k, and 40% over $1m income (state and federal combined), although I'd like to do away w/ sales, state + local property taxes if possible (if it is, we probably have to lower wealth tax to 1% over 1m, or less even, as current property taxes do, so can spend same per citizen nationwide, especially for school children so all get equal education, We will have free public and private college for free!  And certainly forgive all student loans, free healthcare, childcare, awesome jobs for all, with reduced workday and workweek! , etc!!!)

All my love to you all!!!

Wealth Tax (central part of platform for 18 years)
Sen. Warren copied my wealth tax, which really Thomas Paine thought up, proposing a 20% voluntary tax on landowners to pay for the revolutionary war! She watered down my plan! Her plan calls f/ $2.5t (over 10 years) #wealthtax, mine is for $10.5t wealth tax!

Thomas Paine, who inspired the US revolution more than any other writer or politician, promised that getting England off our backs would make everyone in USA rich! He also proposed a universal basic income, which I do want to implement, but we will start w/ providing that for those not eating, then for everyone else if at all possible!  I do like his idea of a payment when citizens turn 18, and even a payment when born too, approximately $18,000, then an equal social security payment when we hit age 50, as Paine proposed.


4 Day (32 hr) Workweek:

We should use advances in productivity to make the lives of working Americans easier, not just profit shareholders and corporate executives more.  Our goal should be to reduce hours even further, if possible, to 6 hrs/day, 4 days/week, totaling 24 hours/week.  This would make full employment much easier to achieve too, especially when we free up to 70,000,000 slaves now in jails, mostly for unconstitutional victimless/consensual crimes, so they can work again.  To protect businesses that have seasonal business, we could use the French model, and make the hours/year aggregate, thus allowing for greater employer flexibility.  The Netherlands and Germany have both lessened workweek successfully, with stronger economies than USA, and we should do the same.  (And yes, we should have a guaranteed minimum income for those who do not get jobs, or do not earn enough to survive, as well as a $18,000 payment upon birth, $18,000 payment upon turning age 16!)  

Free the innocent slaves in jail! Free the people! Fred for president 2020!  


Fred Schultz, JD

Please donate just $1, just $1, to our campaign, it only takes a minute at the blue link at top of page, so we can debate and win on TV, then get on the road and stay on the road, driving to every state in the nation, with as many people as possible, to help to get our god-given freedoms and human rights back, bring our troops home to protect us here, free the millions of innocents currently slaves in our jails, pardon the 70 million wrongfully convicted, and be safe and prosperous again! I am the only candidate who not only has fought against drug prohibition for over 30 years, not for it, and knows that all victimless/consensual "crimes" are unconstitutional! i will enforce the constitution and free the slaves day one I'm in office! Thank you so much for any donation! Every dollar helps, a lot! Please, only USA citizens and green card holders can donate. No donations from foreign nationals, please. $2800 is the maximum donation amount per election, and that amount would help so much, but every dollar will keep me, and god-willing a busload or many busloads of us, on the road fighting for you every second. Thank you again, so much! All my love and prayers to you! Now for the full platform! Love, Fred

(campaign donations are not tax-deductible, but will save millions of lives and save the world!)

Privacy rights: I'm ONLY candidate who will STOP ALL SPYING by USA or internet or telephone companies, or anyone, on us, without a warrant!! All spying, all use of tracking "cookies"!  The German regulator, Andreas Mundt, agrees w/ me, as he recently states in NYT article: "Mr. Mundt contends that Facebook and other tech giants don’t need to be broken up, as Senator Elizabeth Warren and others have suggested. Instead, he thinks governments should limit their ability to collect data. The approach can have an effect similar to a breakup by isolating a company’s different services." https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/07/business/facebook-google-antitrust-germany.html  HOWEVER, I totally disagree that we need to pass new laws or use anti-trust law to stop this spying: We have a law already in place: The 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, which states: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Done.


Preserve Free Speech on Internet: I do believe, however, that we must preserve free speech on the internet, as regulating speech and holding companies and their workers for what the public posts on their sites will just make running websites like google, Facebook, etc impossible. That said, I do encourage them to just cut out all the hate speech they can from their sites, without over-censoring by accident, which I have read they've been doing a lot of lately, ie: blocking sites about breast cancer from children! Yes, I'm saying we must keep section 230, which has allowed the internet to flourish! Here's a link to politico article about the subject on 7/9/19: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/09/online-industry-immunity-section-230-1552241. 


Oppose using antitrust law to break up Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.:

I also oppose having the government break up the tech companies. I believe that banning them from using "cookies" to track us w/o a warrant, and enforcing that privacy rule, is the best way to limit their power and abuse of our human rights to privacy. They must not even be allowed to watch where we go within their websites if a social media company, and must delete search history after each day! That is only fair!  If they want us to "opt in" to tracking, that is fine, as long as we have the full option to "opt out" and still use their sites


Ban Government spying on us w/o Warrant, Ban allowing govts to crack our encrypted messages:
I will stop all government spying for any reason, without a warrant.  I vehemently oppose efforts to put a "back door" into internet, for governments to be able to spy on us all, as doing so is not only immoral, it would "break the internet" according to those who built it.  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/08/technology/code-specialists-oppose-us-and-british-government-access-to-encrypted-communication.html


The main spying is done in name of 'war on drugs', many multiples size of NSA spying apparatus!  (Google "Hemisphere Project"!)  As for any worries that banning NSA spying will allow terrorist attacks, I address this later, but that is false. All the spying the govt has done on us in last 20 years hasn't led to prevention of one terrorist attack, the govt now acknowledges! the best way to stop attacks is for us to bring our troops home from all the wars overseas! And yes, I'm the only candidate running who opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq before bush started them, and I have ever since, every day! Just as I've opposed the 'war on drugs' drug prohibition war, the cause of 2.5m murders s. of our border, and 50 murders in USA daily, for over 33 years, showing I have far better judgment than any of the other candidates running. I've always been part of the solution, not part of the problem, as a human rights attorney and activist for my whole life.

From 2016 race (to be revised soon, but busy trying to get some press first this minute!):

Hello America! Thank you for coming to my campaign for president of the united states of America in the 2016 election! I am an attorney and have been fighting for all of our freedom, joy, prosperity and #humanrights for my whole life, and have run for #president 3.5x already to help do so, starting in 2001 (right after the 9/11 murders) for the 2004 race, and again in the 2012 + 2016 race. I am running for #president to bring back our freedoms, and to make our nation and world prosperous as we have never been, and to bring peace and joy to everyone in our loving nation and world, now and forever. I intend to win the #2020 #election, on the democratic ticket, but we have to get to the next debate, so we can win! We can do this together!  

We must all band together to bring back our basic human rights and fight - peacefully! - for our freedom to do as we wish to our bodies and land as long as we don’t hurt anyone else, as americans could for the first 150 years of our nation! Such victimless/consensual “crimes” such as possession of drugs, sex-work (“prostitution”) (video explaining that prostitution was legal in usa and worldwide until after wwii, when made illegal b/c sex-workers were hated for accepting Nazis as clients: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w08-bpjsz5k), gambling (very prevalent and now co-opted by state lotteries even, so obviously should be legal!), and creation/possession of erotica (“pornography”) are unconstitutional infringements of our basic human rights to freedom, punishable by taking our property and freedom, making us slaves in jail, and ruining our lives forever for actions of just a few minutes that hurt no one! (please read the book: "ain't nobody's business if I do: the absurdity of consensual crimes in a free society" about how victimless/consensual "crimes" laws like drug prohibition are completely immoral and unconstitutional, stealing our freedom instead of protecting it! Free (secure pdf) download here! http://deoxy.org/ccrime.htm.

I will also stop all wars we are engaged in, close most overseas bases (likely have to keep troops in europe and s. korea a long time!), and bring most of our troops home now, to defend us here! We will secure both borders to ensure we have safe borders, but those who are here can and should stay, as most are refugees from the usa’s “war on drugs”, really a war on people, and we'll let in legally 2-3x more (2-3m - under 1% of usa population) to become citizens and rejuvenate our nation! Immigrants save us!! finally, we will end government-sponsored and government-condoned “racial” and ethnic discrimination (“affirmative action”), forgive all student loans, have free college, free med school, and free law school, public and private, for everyone who wishes to serve our nation in such professions, and in return have public service to our nation for 1-3 years. We will end all registration for the draft, end our and the world’s reliance on fossil-fuels, clean up the pollution of the world, and stop global warming. Finally, we will have a wealth tax wealthy people, large corporations, and large “non-profits”, enabling us to guarantee our nation provides for the human rights of everyone in our nation, and coordinate spending of world to meet needs of all 7b humans, 1-2 billion of whom are starving. We will spend trillions on infrastructure and converting usa and world immediately to renewable "green" energy, providing free green energy to the developing world, and reinvigorate “main street” businesses as never before by allowing them to sell stock like “wall street” businesses can, allowing them to aggregate present and future value in the present, getting their financing from the people of the world, not the big banks!

Our nation has suffered economically and literally for over 40 years because for over 40 years, we have started the era of mass arrests and incarceration! When you have a majority of americans “breaking laws” and millions employed to catch us for such victimless “crimes”, arresting 13+ million people / year, at least 10+ million of them for such unconstitutional victimless/consensual “crimes”, and have 70+ million citizens with convictions for such crimes on their records, preventing them from ever getting jobs again, the nation will suffer greatly, both for economic and moral reasons. God[IC1] only will bless america agaiin when we are the land of the free again and promote freedom, not drug prohibition, war, jail, and death, worldwide.

Furthermore, I beg you to not just #vote, but to #run for office, so that together we can save our own lives, free the millions in jail and pardon the 70 million convicted of victimless/consensual crimes who can never get legal jobs again, and bring us prosperity instead of the financial destruction we have created until now by having all these laws on the books that make a majority of american citizens “criminals” in the eyes of the law. enough! no more police state! no more totalitarian government! no more “big brother”!

We must free the slaves in jail, free all those (70 million americans!) enslaved by wrongful criminal records, free us all from this oppression of stealing our freedom, stop stealing our property and raping and murdering us in jail, all for “violating” unlawful, unconstitutional victimless/consensual crimes, now!! i am the only candidate who correctly sees such crimes as unconstitutional, and I will stand by my oath to enforce the constitution and free those enslaved in prison or by criminal records for violating such evil totalitarian laws!

Freedom for prosperity! #freedom4prosperity! #freedom4safety! #loveparty! #fred4prez! www.fred4prez.us! #freedom, #peace and #prosperity #now!! -Fred Schultz, J.D. by voting for me, together, we will all:

Stop victimless/consensual “crimes”:

"Ain't nobody's business if you do: The absurdity of consensual crimes in our free country" by martyr Peter McWilliams


On day one I’m president, I will stop prosecution for and free all people convicted of and enslaved earning pennies/hour in our jails for “committing” #victimless and/or #consensual “crimes”, and pardon the approximately 70 million people convicted of them. These laws are #unconstitutional, and I will swear to uphold the #constitution when I’m sworn in, and i will adhere to my oath! Pardoning the approximately 70 million people convicted of these unconstitutional victimless/consensual “crimes” will allow them to get legal work, at the new legal minimum wage, thus stopping law-abiding citizens from competing with convicted “criminals” who are happy to get any work they can, below minimum wage often, if they can get a job at all, which they usually can’t, leading them to commit real crimes often, with real victims!

Yes, this means ending drug prohibition and prescription, and yes: ending all victimless/consensual crimes will also save or lead to the creation of untold trillions – trillions!!! - of dollars! Maybe every year even! We must also free hundreds of thousands who have served long sentences already: the usa typically punishes people for 10x as long as everywhere else in the world. Enough. #freetheslaves!

Ending unconstitutional victimless/consensual crimes, and freeing and pardoning everyone in jail for them, has been the central part of my presidential platform since 2001! I have been fighting to end all victimless crimes since I was an intern in washington in 1985, confronting congressmen, senators, and the secretary of defense over strafing central american villages and burning and poisoning their peasants’ crops in the name of fighting the war on drugs, really just a war on people, mostly poor people.

In 1994, when working at the manhattan d.a.’s office as a summer intern prosecuting white-collar criminals, I told a room of full of prosecutors and future prosecutors that they had no business prosecuting victimless crimes, and that they would only harm the people of the communities they were trying to help. Needless to say, they did not listen to me, and did not want me to work for them for saying such heresy!


Now, finally, thank God, after I and others (including "Red Baiting" ultra-conservative Republican idol William F. Buckley!) have fought for over 33 years to end mass arrests and mass incarceration and enslavement of our citizens (and foreigners) for unconstitutional victimless/consensual crimes which are destroying our lives and our nation, and after millions of others have risen up from the shadows and from their jail cells to fight for our right to end our plight, finally finally finally finally finally over 130 police chiefs, sheriffs, and prosecutors, as well as 22 members of nafusa (national association of former united stated states attorneys), have formed a new group called “law enforcement leaders to reduce crime and incarceration”, (www.lawenforcementleaders.org) organized by the justice william brennan center for jusice of nyu law school, and met with president obama on october 21! Their goal is to reduce crime by greatly reducing incarceration, letting our health system deal with people who are drug addicts and/or mentally ill, instead of our prison system which is not equipped at all to help them, and which usually starts people on a downward trajectory into poverty and crime from which they can never recover, because they can usually never get a job again with a criminal record! Just what I have been saying for 30 years!

I’ve also been saying that our nation has no right to arrest us for victimless/consensual crimes.  Although police won’t agree with that concept, they’d be thrilled I’m sure that I’ll employ it to Free, pardon, or commute sentences of millions of people the day I’m elected #president in 2020 and accomplish goals that they thought would take years for legislatures to enact while innocents rot in jail as slaves and while police risk their lives daily due to excessive violence and crime created by drug prohibition, just as alcohol prohibition did about 100 years ago!


As one of the law enforcement leaders, Gary Mccarthy, Superintendent of the Chicago police Dept said this past wednesday before meeting with president obama on thursday:

“As the public servants working every day to keep our citizens safe, we can say from experience that we can bring down both incarceration and crime together. Good crime control policy does not involve arresting and imprisoning masses of people. It involves arresting and imprisoning the right people. Arresting and imprisoning low-level offenders prevents us from focusing resources on violent crime. While some may find it counterintuitive, we know that we can reduce crime and reduce unnecessary arrests and incarceration at the same time.”


My solution has been all along to go with our nation’s founding mothers’ and fathers’ solution, which was to keep our government out of our private affairs as long as we are not hurting someone else, either physically or through robbery! This is why they founded our nation, so that we might live freely without government oppression, which they had all (or their parents) just escaped from england and the other nations of europe! They wanted america to the “land of the free”, not the land of the jailed!

Our economy is trying to run a marathon with weights strapped on it, by imprisoning and enslaving 13+ million people in jail every year who are innocent of hurting others in any way (including robbery) impoverishing them after they are released by giving them criminal records for unconstitutional victimless + consensual “crimes”, approximately 70 million people who can never get a job or an apartment again legally, or even vote to end the cruel unconstitutional crimes they were convicted of! Millions of people (lawyers, judges, etc.) waste their lives arresting, trying, and defending these innocents, who could be spending their lives either convicting (or defending, in the case of lawyers!) real criminals (or those accused of real crimes), or just guarding us daily to protect us from potential terrorists, god-forbid. We want our police to protect us from potential terrorists, not persecute us when we are not hurting anyone! What a waste! So evil.

Freeing the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of innocent people wrongfully convicted of real crimes:

We will also free all innocent people wrongfully convicted of real crimes: in the interests of “finality”, often prisoners can’t get a retrial even if there is dna from the crime scene on file, and they are willing to undergo a dna test. i will allow every prisoner to have his dna tested, and give a retrial to anyone who asserts that their dna proves they are innocent.

Reduced sentence release:

Furthermore, I will free anyone in jail for a crime for which the legislature has reduced the sentence. There are tens of thousands of people serving long prison sentences under laws which we have replaced with briefer sentencing, yet they languish in jail! see: "president obama's department of injustice" by alec karakatsanis, ny times, aug. 18, 2015. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/18/opinion/president-obamas-department-of-injustice.ht::ml?_r=0 although in reality, these releases will be subsumed by the 2 million we will release for all drug prohibition violations.

Jailed Too Long: #JuryNullification: Vote Not Guilty! #JustSayNotGuilty!

We Must remember, first of all, that no one convicted in USA in last 100 years or so has been convicted in a fair+legal trial!  Human Rights and our great nation's constitution requires that all jurors be informed of their jury rights/ juror rights to always, for any reason, vote "not guilty"!  For the first 150 years or so, every jury was informed of this right!  Every jury!  NOW, if a defense attorney tries to aid his client by informing the jury of this right, the judge will immediately have the attorney jailed for "contempt of court"!  A real travesty!  Also, the defense attorney, and even judge, are banned from telling the jury the sentence the accused is facing!  And the prosecutors never tell the jury this either!  So, no one in USA in last 100 yrs has had a #FairTrial!  So, now USA has world's largest incarceration rate!  5% of world's population, 25% of world's prisoners!  Being tortured and enslaved daily, often beaten and raped in jail daily!  I'm sure we can safely free about 2m of the 2.4m in jail now.  So, we will!  Will take massive effort, and millions of lawyers working exceptionally hard, but we'll do it!  WE MUST #FreeTheSlaves! #Torture!

Human rights as centerpiece of national and criminal policy:

We will re-evaluate all sentences for #humanrights violations. The United States has signed on to United Nations human rights laws, and the universal declaration of human rights, written by eleanor roosevelt, and it is time to enforce those laws for once, and strictly, just as mrs. roosevelt would have!

Private prisons: 

We will ban and close all for-profit prisons. We will also close and sell most publicly owned jails and prisons, and free the 90+% of the prisoners in state and federal jails for victimless/consensual "crimes" which are unconstitutional, or just jailed too long, and stop 90+% of the arrests, which are for such crimes, and total over 10 million wrongful arrests / year, possibly 20+ millin wrongful arrests (very difficult to get figures, but we will stop at least 10 million wrongful arrests/year). The bill of rights applies to the states also (through the 14th amendment), protecting us from state tyranny, and states are violating our rights too, so i will apply it to prisoners wrongfully arrested and enslaved in jails, and free them all.

Conviction by confidential informants:

I will free anyone who has been convicted on the testimony of a witness who had something to gain by his testimony. Their testimony is too unreliable, and there have been too many cases we have recently discovered of “witnesses” lying to convict someone else, often to get out of punishment for the crime themselves! Right now, Richard Glossip is on death row due to testimony from a man who admitted killing someone, but alleged, with no other proof, that Richard Glossip paid him to do so. such cases are a travesty of justice, and regularly result in state murder, not justice. #freerichardglossip!

Also, often confidential informants are just low level drug sellers, who are forced to try to do much bigger drug and/or weapons deals with dangerous criminals, only to be tortured and killed. This happened to rachel hoffman! #rememberrachel! #neveragain! http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2012/09/03/the-throwaways


Entrapment is illegal, yet is used by police daily to arrest people for drug buys and sales, sex buys and sales, even horribly by maintaining child pornography websites to catch who-ever looks at them. We must stop this egregious violation of our rights, now! (we also must stop all crimes related to looking at images, as doing so just punishes people for being abnormal "perverts", when they have never hurt anyone, but that is a different, but related, issue!)

Furthermore, entrapment is the main way potential terrorists are jailed. The problem is, they are locking up potential terrorists, not people who were even planning a crime before they were entrapped by false accomplices, egging them on to commit crimes than providing them with fake weapons, often mentally unstable people who never had any intention of harming anyone before the entrapment. Here's an article, with links, by the incredible brave hero journalist Glenn Grunewald #glenngreenwald @ggreenwald on the problem: https://theintercept.com/2015/02/26/fbi-manufacture-plots-terrorism-isis-grave-threats/

False identification:

even real witnesses to crimes have an 85% mistake rate! 85%!!!! Thus, there must be hundreds of thousands of people wrongfully convicted by false witness id, by well-meaning witnesses! We will free them all!



To stop drug addiction: we will do our best to provide a job to everyone who wants one, creating 50+million new jobs helping the USA+world convert to renewable "green" economy.

We will have free optional drug treatment available to all! Currently, only 1 in 10-20 people who need drug treatment can get it! (4% in NH!) drug prohibition has failed, with approximately 10% of Americans using illegal drugs, and prescription drug use (legal and illegal) skyrocketing. All drug interdiction combined only catches far less than 1% of the drugs that enter our country every day! Catching 'El Chapo' did not raise drug prices one dime! Also, there is a huge “racial” disparity (there is really scientifically no such thing as "race", but we’ll get into that later), with “blacks” and “Hispanics” doing far more jail time than “white” Americans, who use more drugs! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/17/racial-disparity-drug-use_n_3941346.html the solution is not to apply the law equally, and arrest 150+ million more Americans: we already arrest over 13 million Americans a year, probably 10+ million for victimless/consensual "crimes", and have approximately 80 million citizens with criminal records, about 70 million of them for unconstitutional victimless/consensual "crimes" which I'll definitely stop enforcing on day one I'm in office!!

Drug prohibition and all the other victimless/consensual “crimes” are the main reason that our economy and wages have been stagnating since 1970, the year they passed radical illegal totalitarian drug prohibition criminal laws. The only solution is to re- #legalize all drugs, as they were legal in our nation for almost 200 years, and the concept of prescription drugs (thus drastically lowering the costs, and associated doctor visit costs) so people can treat ourselves we see fit, and treat drug abuse as a health problem, which it is. however, we should all make the choice not even to take prescription drugs unless there is no other choice!

Schools are even drugging children, as young as toddlers, with prescription amphetamines, which are just synthetic versions of cocaine! Use of psychotropic prescription drugs by children has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, at the behest of teachers often! Today, children using psychotropic drugs account for 16% of medicaid drug costs! A real crime! But no i do not believe we should lock up their parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, or the children, just stop drugging them so much! http://lab.express-scripts.com/insights/government-programs/children-using-psychotropics-account-for-16-of-medicaid-drug-costs today, 1 in 13 school children takes psychotropic mind-altering drugs daily, just because they can’t sit still usually! http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/05/07/psychotropic-drug-use.aspx

Instead of prescribing these children drugs, we should make school more engaging, have more recess, and allow children to work at stand-up desks or even walk around. Recent research is showing that sitting is quite deadly. Also, really, "add" is usually a misdiagnosis of extreme stress, often caused by the fact that schools seem to focus more now on standardized tests and competition than teaching and learning. Ideally, we should stop all competition and even grading in schools, and focus on learning. Also, serving children meals of fresh organic raw vegetables (and some fruit too!) would be help calm them greatly, along with banning sugar or sweetener sales in schools. Sugar is the real addictive deadly drug, killing 2/3 of all people worldwide! (all illegal drugs combined kill 200,000 people worldwide annually. Sugar: over 36,000,000, as sugar is now believed to be the main cause of not only diabetes and obesity, but also heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, cancer, and probably other diseases). Enough. (see more on this a few paragraphs below).

Banning something is the best way to get people to want to do it! i know that you don't want to hear this, but it's the truth. Why do you think that when Americans turn 21, they often "celebrate" by doing 21 shots, sometimes leading to death?! http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/04/08/drinking-to-extremes-to-celebrate-21/ legalizing activity takes the glamour of "being bad" aspect away from it, the concept of "oh, it's so great they had to ban it!" the best way to stop all drug abuse is to legalize all drugs, even use by young adults (teenagers) if we are realistic about the problem. That will stop them from doing them, and stop them from getting arrested and having their lives ruined forever probably. Simple!



The deadliest, most addictive recreational drug of all: the most dangerous and deadly of all recreational drugs parents give their children daily: sugar, which kills 36 million people per year worldwide out of a total of 55 million, or about 65%. Extrapolating that death rate to sugar to the USA, where 2.6 million people die a year, sugar kills 1.7 million Americans / year!! Tobacco use only kills 5 million people/year worldwide, and 500,000 in the USA/yr, a far smaller risk! http://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1001582 and no, artificial or other natural sweeteners are no healthier: they just trick the body into thinking it has consumed sugar, when it has not, boosting blood insulin levels, lowering blood sugar levels, which leads to diabetes too. http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/artificial-sweeteners-sugar-free-but-at-what-cost-201207165030 Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar a year, and it is killing us all, and costing us trillions of dollars in health care costs too! Enough! http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2012/08/30/how-much-sugar-are-americans-eating-infographic/ yes, we will all die some day, but we can put that day off by decades by cutting out sugar, and ideally by switching to a vegan (plant) diet if we want to not only save our lives, but the planet’s.

Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from depression, and over 100 million Americans suffer from moderate to severe constant pain. We must put a priority on treating these people's suffering. Yes, addiction is a problem, but we do not want to prevent people from treating pain or depression just to stop addiction. We have human rights to treat ourselves as we see fit, even if that choice is to become addicted as a better alternative to suffering. However, a major cause of depression, i am sure, is lack of job prospects, and our jobs plan, to GUARANTEE #JOBS4ALL + create approximately 100,000,000 (100m) new jobs, will certainly pull untold millions out of psychological depression too!

Deaths due to prohibition and prescription:

Drug purity:

Because of drug prohibition and prescription, people can’t get a hold of drugs after they get addicted to them. The value of the drugs is greatly multiplied, so they commit crimes to have enough money to buy them. People who buy them have to consort with real criminals because drugs are illegal, and their value so artificially multiplied. Furthermore, prohibition makes dealers both sell more concentrated drugs, and cut drugs with other drugs, or even baby powder, etc. one never knows what one is buying or its strength, greatly increasing the number of poisonings, overdoses, and allergic reactions.  I have lost one of my best friends to a drug overdose / poisoning just over 3 years ago, and he did not have to die! We can save countess lives by legalizing drugs, and allowing them to be sold as any other product. People will be able to buy pure, safe, cheap drugs that are tested by private testing companies and/or the government, or not tested at all, as we see fit.

Would health insurance pay for drugs?

For a drug to be paid for by our national health care plan, it would still have to be prescribed by a doctor, and verified for its quality and strength. Many people would only want to take drugs that were approved for efficacy by the FDA, but we all must have the option to take whatever drug we want, whenever we want, for whatever reason, whether a doctor considers it healthy for us or not. Addicts will commit far fewer crimes because drugs will be cheap, pure, and sold over the counter. If necessary, we should consider providing the most addictive drugs free of charge, to prevent the crime and disease (including AIDS!) that results from making them illegal, endangering us all.

AIDS and other STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) epidemic:

Not only is drug prohibition the main cause of murder and robbery in our nation and the world, creating a flow of refugees fleeing the drug war south of our border, but drug prohibition is also the main cause of aids transmission, and other STD’s! People share needles to use drugs, then get aids, then have unprotected sex with unsuspecting others, spreading death to us all. (legalizing sex work and allowing sex workers to register with the govt if they so choose and be tested for STDs will also greatly help to reduce the spread of aids, etc.)

Worse drugs:

drug prohibition just leads to people, often poor children, to use stronger or more poisonous drugs, in an attempt to escape or make less painful lives filled with suffering. For instance, the number one drug of choice of poor children in the world is sniffing glue and other inhalants such as gasoline, which can cause brain injury and death. i do not advocate any drug use by children, even when prescribed by doctors, but we must admit that they would be far better off using marijuana than synthetic marijuana (“spice”) or sniffing glue or gasoline, which are just unknown poisons possibly causing brain damage. Re-legalizing drugs will lead to far fewer accidental overdoses, and to people using safer drugs overall.

Health care cost savings:

we will save untold trillions of wasted dollars on health care when we end drug prescription and prohibition: 25% of our national budget goes to health care costs, a large percentage of that to drug costs, and it is skyrocketing every year! This is simply a government-enforced monopoly for the drug companies, since they passed prescription laws in 1950, and criminalized most drug use in 1970! Enough! This monopoly costs USA taxpayers trillions of dollars, to force us to use govt-approved and doctor-prescribed synthetic prescription drugs, when we could save trillions of dollars by allowing us to buy safe cheap drugs at any store w/o a prescription, or to even grow them organically in our closets or backyards!

Opioid addiction:

heroin and other opioids are wonderful for treating pain, miracle drugs, but also highly addictive. If one has massive pain to treat, they do not care about addiction if that is the only way to treat it, especially if they are considering suicide as a result of the intolerable pain. The problem comes if the pain goes away, but the addiction stays. Also, there is a problem i have read about where opioids can even make people feel more pain. In the last year, approximately 10,000 Americans have died of opioid overdoses and poisoning, and 47,000 died in 2014 of all drug overdoses. However, approximately 100 million Americans suffer from constant pain, so the death rate for those treating pain with prescription opiates is approximately 1/10,000, which is quite low statistically. Yes, many are just starting on these drugs recreationally, and every death is a major tragedy, but we have human rights and constitutionally guaranteed god-given rights to freedom, to live free no matter what we want to do to our bodies, and to even kill ourselves or get others' help with "assisted suicide". Finally, locking up and enslaving millions of people, and drastically increasing all murder in USA, Mexico, Guatemala, etc., to 10's of thousands of innocents murdered, is not just illegal, it's just wrong. Enough.

While ending drug prohibition will lessen this number of accidental overdoses / poisonings by making drugs pure and measurable, we still have tens of thousands of Americans languishing in lives of addiction, and we must help them. Because we have focused on punishment instead of treatment as a health problem, only about 4% of those who need drug treatment in n.h. can get it, and that number is probably the same nationwide, not the 10% number we sometimes hear as well. They do not deserve to be arrested, or forced into treatment, and sent back to jail if they don’t stay “clean”! They do deserve free, optional, treatment, and constant love and support, including a job (or minimum income), apartment, and food, not stealing their rights, property, dignity, and any chance of ever getting a job again by having a criminal record, and locking them up at great expense, more than it would cost to give them #freecollege, which we will do instead.

I once met a wealthy brilliant man addicted to heroin (his wife confirmed this!), and he told me that the problem with heroin only comes about if someone can’t afford their addiction. If they can, then they can often function in life and even hold a job and lead a productive life. These addicts, like all addicts and their families, want free optional available treatment, not jail, and they deserve their freedom to fight to have productive lives, drug - free! We can only provide this option to them by legalizing drugs! They have human rights to freedom, and we have no right to steal their freedom from them just because they possibly hurt themselves. They deserve love and caring, not jail and slavery just for getting addicted to a drug! Jail is not dignity and respect, it is cruelty and evil. What part of “bend over and spread ‘em” involves dignity and love? None! As we have seen, arresting people even for just a tail-light out can often lead trigger-happy or even taser-happy police to kill us! Just to preserve our lives we have to limit police interaction with us to real crimes, meaning crimes where one person hurts or robs another. Anything else the government has no business being involved with, at all! At all!

Totalitarian nation now:

the difference between arrest then forced treatment, which all the other candidates advocate (and then rearrest if one “re-offends”), and no arrest but optional treatment for all, is the difference between living in a free nation and a totalitarian nation. America was founded to be the land of the free, not a totalitarian cruel nation. Hell no!

We have focused so much on arrest and prosecution of unconstitutional evil #victimless + #consensual “#crimes” that we have not been prosecuting real crimes, with real victims. 400,000-500,000 “rape kits” with attacker DNA have not been tested in the USA, with more untested “rape kits” discovered daily, and rape is a serial crime. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/09/23/how-the-u-s-ended-up-with-400-000-untested-rape-kits.html

200,000-300,000, maybe 2m, people are raped a year in America, mostly women, largely because we have not tested that evidence to find the attackers, preying on us daily. https://rainn.org/get-information/statistics/frequency-of-sexual-assault also, rape is the most under-reported crime there is, because of shame, so really that number could be many multiples of the reported number of rapes annually! Estimates go as high as over 2 million rapes per year in America, the highest number and rate of rape in any nation in the world, caused by our police wasting time and jail space for those convicted of victimless and/or consensual ‘crimes’ and not testing "rape kit" DNA evidence.

We need to test every “rape kit” DNA evidence packet on file, and compile a national database of those results, as well as a national database of all DNA of people buried anonymously and their family members, to give them proper burials, and stop future murders. Our nation has focused so much on victimless crimes that real criminals run free robbing, raping, and murdering us every day! Furthermore, as we know, drug prohibition and the economic incentives it creates, by artificially multiplying drug prices, are the main cause of killing (including #gun murders) and theft in our nation and world, leading to mass murders daily in our nation and south of our border especially, with nations having murder rates multiples higher than ours, caused by our drug prohibition laws and war. Enough!

50 murders / day in USA, mostly due to drug prohibition:

when the USA illegally banned alcohol with prohibition, the murder rate doubled immediately, then after prohibition was repealed fell back to where it had been before prohibition within a few years. The same will happen the day after we re-legalize drugs, as they were legal for almost 200 years in America until 1970! (although around 1930 marijuana was taxed, and the govt made it impossible to buy the tax stamp, until WWII, when they needed hemp to make clothing and rope, but still it was not made officially illegal until 1970, when congress was rushed into passing laws making most of the major “drugs” used for millennia illegal.


President Thomas Jefferson said, in the one book he ever wrote: “the legitimate powers of government extend only to such acts as are injurious to others.” he meant it! i will from day one in office enforce my oath to obey the #constitution, and on day one do all i can to #freethe2million Americans enslaved in jails for #victimlesscrimes + #consensualcrimes! This includes #drugs, “#prostitution” and #gambling, and yes, #freethenipple so women can go topless in all states just like men, not in just most states.

Preventing driving deaths:

Intoxicated driving: to prevent dangerous driving due to #drunkdriving and #druggeddriving : i have a much better solution for that than jail! We should build modern #breathalyzers (not hooked up to relay or save the information revealed, or people will try to cheat!!) into every car on the road today. We arrest 1.4 million Americans for intoxicated driving annually, a majority of whom are probably not truly impaired at all, but are swept up by over-zealous laws, yet we still have over 32,000 people killed on our roads every year, at least 10,000 from impaired driving. Furthermore, approximately 20% of the population has admitted to drinking some alcohol then driving, and studies estimate that people drink alcohol then drive 131 million times per year, usually without any consequence, and often unimpaired, but certainly sometimes impaired, although probably under 50% of the time. The simple solution to stop both the impaired driving, accidents and deaths, and wrongful arrest of unimpaired drivers too: implementing new technology breathalyzers connected to the auto ignitions that can not only test for alcohol, but for all other drugs too. That will work. Technology to install breathalyzers for alcohol in vehicles is currently available, however those that test for drugs are not small enough to install in vehicles yet. However, according the CDC (center for disease control) drugs besides alcohol are only implicated in 18% of driving deaths. (however, testing positive for a drug after a fatal crash does not at all prove that the drug was the cause of the crash! Could just be totally coincidental!) some popular illegal drugs increase alertness, and others, such as THC (cannabis) do not usually impair one's driving abilities at all. Not to mention, most people on prescription drugs, for instance synthetic amphetamines, are allowed to drive when they are just synthetic versions of natural amphetamines like cocaine, which are illegal! However, on large doses of either, one would supposedly be incapable of driving, but we'd have to do testing to test that proposition! ... the main cause of accidents and deaths on the road is sleepy driving, and modern accidence-avoidance capable cars will soon prevent almost all accidental deaths, no matter the cause, although i strongly oppose these electronic systems taking over the controls unless control of the vehicle is about to be lost, ie from falling asleep at the wheel. i just trust a human's judgement better than a computer's. Also, obviously, just about any computer can be hacked. Certainly any with WiFi that is at all connected to the car's driving controls, as a hacker recently proved by hacking a jeep! Yes, I'm terrified of these computer-controlled cars, but in the case of an imminent accident, they would be better than death!




Dangerous elderly drivers:

also, untold thousands, probably more than 10,000/year, are killed by elderly drivers who lost the ability to drive safely years ago! They must be given driving tests annually. Drivers over the age of 85 kill 4x the number of people than teenagers do every year. http://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/older_adult_drivers/ drivers over age 80 are involved in 5/5x more fatal crashes than middle-aged drivers! http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2012/10/teenagers-and-older-people-are-the-riskiest-drivers/index.htm we have an aging population, and all of us will die some day, but we must not allow them to take us with them when they do die. We have no other choice but to test their driving annually if we want to live, and we do. my first day driving ever, i was almost killed by an older woman who ran a red light at about 60 mph! i don't know whether she was on or off her medication, and i don't care. She did not belong on the road!

Dangerous teen drivers:

teenage drivers, especially male teen drivers, are also a major danger on the road. However, their driving deaths are probably caused by over-estimation of their abilities to drive at high speeds, not lack of ability to drive at legal speeds, which is all that is tested during a driving test. http://www.autoblog.com/2010/05/17/seniors-teens-safer-drivers/ the only solution to preventing these deaths, and killing of other innocents in their cars or cars they hit, is to put speed limiters on their vehicles, which i support as a sad necessity.

Robots driving cars:

also, we should not allow robots to drive cars. We have no other choice if we want to live, and we do. we can barely trust people to drive our cars. Now we’re supposed to let a robot decide if we live or die? And all computers can be, and are, hacked daily! No!

However, I do favor technology that can prevent a crash if it detects one, as then the electronics could save lives, but they are still quite scary. Computers can fail.other victimless crimes: 

Criminalizing Poverty and homelessness:  

Ban Cash Bail,  as CA did a year ago.  Causes millions to be wrongfully jailed, torturee, enslaved, even though innocent, never convicted of a crime, just accused!  

MASSIVE HOUSING BUILDING, spending trillions of dollars to build millions of homes, some free, some "affordable."

We have even made poverty a crime, by banning homelessness, "vagrancy", and even begging!  People are not homeless and begging because they want to be, they do so out of necessity, and any nation that allows poor people to be arrested or even harassed for being poor is evil.  We don’t want to be evil.  we were put on this earth by god to help others and heal them, to help them reach their God-given potential, not punish them for being born poor, or for becoming poor due to circumstances beyond their control, often an arrest for an unconstitutional victimless crime!

We will re- #legalize all other victimless/ consensual activity (by adults) that politicians and judges have unconstitutionally made illegal or censored, including gambling, sex work ("prostitution"), art ("pornography"), etc.

No more war!  Save our troops: bring them home!

We must close all overseas military bases (EXCEPT in E. Europe and S. Korea)  and bring all our troops home from overseas immediately to defend us here, as our nation’s founders including president George Washington intended and advised us to do.  The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have gone on for over 14 years, the longest wars in our nation’s history, and they will go on forever if we don’t stop them now!  The evil “president” George W. Bush, who stole two elections, started all this by responding to the 9/11 mass murders with wars on innocent nations and people instead of seeking out the perpetrators.  Enough.  I opposed starting those wars in response to the 9/11 murders, and i was right.  (sen. #bernie sanders supported the Afghanistan war, and still does, and he says he opposed the Iraq war, but he voted to fund it every chance he got, and he now supports more war in Iraq!)  sec. #hillary clinton voted for both wars, although she now says bush duped her!  Well, he didn’t fool me, or the millions of us marching in the streets around the world trying to prevent millions of killings, mostly of innocents, and perpetual war!  #hillary supports war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria too!  Hell no!  There has been a Muslim civil war going on for 1500 years, and it’s still going on, and we should stay as far away from this raging battle as possible!  We don’t even have any allies over there, except for Israel, and the Kurds too. 

ISIS: overseas battle: no more war

although we all agree #isis is evil, they are not much of a threat to us at all, as they are based in Syria and Iraq.  The main weapons they have are tanks they confiscated from the Iraqi troops we armed, who ran when ISIS attacked them!  As for being a threat to the region, #isis is the least armed of all the nations surrounding them, and #saudiarabia is the main propagator of anti-American radical Islam in the world!  Our only real allies in the middle east is #israel, who are under attack daily now in the streets!  The Kurds love us i hear, and probably support Israel too, but now they are being slaughtered by our “ally” turkey, with warplanes we sold to turkey!  We should arm the Kurds, to help them defend themselves, but as for any more fighting for our troops in the middle east: we have been at war for 15 years, and can’t take it any more as a nation.  Our troops and their families are certainly worn out by now, with half our troops returning with post-traumatic stress disorder (#ptsd), or maimed physically, by war.  As for lopping off heads, the Saudis cut off just as many as ISIS murderers.  If you want revenge against isis for raping and murdering americans, our brave troops have already exacted revenge 1000x over, I assure you!  That’s what they have been doing the last few months.

The Muslim nations of the region will continue to battle ISIS, without support.  I am not opposed to killing ISIS murderers, but I do not believe that most of our “allies” in the Middle East (besides Israel!) are really any better.  For instance, Saudi Arabia has engaged in a mass slaughter in Yemen, which is just another continuation of the Sunnis killing Shia Muslims, in retaliation for Shia killing Sunnis.  They are engaging in mass slaughter, with our support!  Yes, we should try to get them to stop, but we have no business fighting on either side!  The Saudis say they are really fighting Iran in Yemen, not the Houthis, which might be true, but it is very unclear right now.  What is clear is that if that is true, we are fighting with Iran in Iraq, as the Iraqi government is really just run by Iran and Shia militias right now, and against Iran in Africa!  And now Russia is bombing the troops we supported in Syria and Iraq to battle ISIS!  we don’t want a war with Russia over who gets to kill ISIS, I assure you, which is exactly what we will get if we set up a “no fly zone” in Syria, as the only country with planes in the air there is Russia, not ISIS!  

What is also clear is that there have been many attacks on our soldiers in recent years in Afghanistan and Iraq by supposed "allies" who were really people posing as allies.  no!  we must #saveourtroops and #bringthemhome to protect us here, where we need them.  Also, ending all overseas wars and selling all overseas bases will yield billions or trillions of dollars overnight (we have over 500 bases!) that we could use to rebuild our infrastructure here!

North Korea nuclear program: 

Negotiate for peace.  

They are ready and willing to negotiate giving up their nuclear program for peace with the west and an end to sanctions.  They said so to our chief envoy before he died.  His NY times piece on the necessity of negotiation, which president Obama surprisingly would not do, is here: 


Domestic defense against all terrorists:

Citizens should carry pepper spray or small guns at all times: 

Citizens are our first line of defense against terrorists and other people attempting mass murder.  No police or military person can respond as quickly as a civilian on the scene of an attempted murder.  The more citizens of sound body and mind, with good reflexes and hand-eye coordination, should buy a handgun for carrying, and carry at all times.  Only under 4% of Americans have “concealed carry” permits to carry a weapon, and only a small percentage of those really do carry their weapon on them at all times, likely far under 1%.  Even though the number of concealed-carry permits has soared in recent years, 4% permit holders w/ less than 1% carrying at any given moment is far from where we must be to be safer at all times, which would be a number closer to approximately 50% with permits, doing regular target practice, and carrying at all times too.  we must make it possible for people in every state, and in every city in every state, to carry a gun at all times, if we want to be safe.  this will require legislation (or good legal decisions) and i will fight for such legislation, as well as fight against the “stream of commerce” argument being proposed by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to try to prevent people who live in cities from protecting themselves and others.


Protect us from terrorists instead of pursuing us to arrest us for unconstitutional victimless/consensual “crimes”: 

Police are our second line of defense against terrorists, with over 1.1 million police officers in the USA, police are our second line of defense, after armed citizens.  we must stop wasting the time of our police fighting victimless/consensual “crimes”, so they can pursue real criminals, but also so they can guard us at all times against terrorists.  they should be centered wherever large numbers of people congregate, and all places of worship, as there have been threats and attacks on members of all religions both nationally and internationally, including a recent fire started at a mosque near palm springs, ca a few weeks ago, in which no one was injured, thank god.

(re) armor and arm police with military surplus gear: 

Furthermore, i will reverse the recent infuriating presidential order from president Obama which requires police departments nationwide to return most of the combat weapons and armored vehicles that they have received in the last decade back to the federal government.  yes, these vehicles were wrongfully given to the police to fight unconstitutional victimless and/or consensual “crimes” like drug use and sales, and yes i will stop that day one i am in office, and yes they have been wrongfully used by police to suppress peaceful protests, which is one of the reasons our nation was founded was to preserve that right.

But now we need police to be as heavily armed and armored as possible, to defend/guard us (and themselves) against, and god-forbid have to fight, terrorists here at home, and president Obama made a big mistake ordering them to return those weapons by April 2016.  i will return those weapons to the police day one I’m in office, and simultaneously issue an order that police are never to pursue criminals for illegal unconstitutional “crimes” again, but only pursue real criminals, or guard us from them, using whatever our best technology can provide.  if all those weapons can save the life of even one police-person defending us against terrorists, we must return them, so i will.  Day one.    


Update: Hillary Clinton has hinted she now has changed her mind and supports arming police with military weapons, but only to fight terrorists.  So, all her experience led her to the wrong conclusion on this issue until police proved they needed to use combat weapons and armor in the recent murders of police in Dallas Texas, which we all still mourn.  so, i don't want to hear how my "lack of experience" should prevent me from holding office, when i am right consistently on issues that save lives, and Hillary (and trump certainly!) are wrong on issues that would kill so many here and abroad, like advocating continuing the wars overseas.  as for judgement, Hillary and Donald both supported going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, two major wars which have caused the death of hundreds of thousands overseas, thousands of our own soldiers and up to a million injured USA war veterans, but brought us more war, not more peace.  not to mention they all support, and believe to be constitutional, the unconstitutional victimless/consensual "crimes" that call a majority of innocent Americans criminals, and subject us all to arrest or jail at any second given their illegal use of mass surveillance! 

Yes, I can handle this job.  I’ve shown proper judgement, they have not, at all!  They want to jail and enslave you, I want to free you.  Free us all.  Big difference. 


Our military can best defend us against terrorists, inspired by ISIS or anyone else, here at home, where we need them.  Our troops fighting Muslims overseas has just inspired Muslims worldwide to attack us, and thus is counterproductive, despite our exceptionally brave soldiers’ best efforts.  


how would I handle Russia?

1) Protect our elections: 

We must tell Putin and Russia to butt out of our elections, and certainly go to paper ballots to prevent any future hacking of our election, as president carter and the Mueller report have recently detailed they hacked into many voting machines, likely swaying the electoral vote to make it look like unelected trump won enough states to win the election.  Trump is purely corrupt, in Putin’s pocket.

2) We Must stand with the brave people of Ukraine in their defense of their nation from Putin’s invasion, and do all we can to first negotiate a cease-fire, then try to pressure the dictator Putin from removing his mercenary soldiers from the Crimea region of Ukraine.

Rebuild bonds w/ allies + strengthen NATO:

Trump has devastated our close ties with "liberal" democracies worldwide, instead coddling murderous dictators, like he wants to be himself, from Putin to Duterte to Erdogan to Kim Jung Un.  It is time to stand with our allies, from New Zealand to Europe to for democracy, for progressive capitalism, and for human rights, and against totalitarian terror.  Enough

Helping our injured super-brave soldiers+veterans to heal:

I mourn all those hurt and killed, our soldiers and the civilians of the nations we have attacked in recent years.  We must get the veterans’ administration (VA) to treat every wounded soldier with love, and not just pump them full of prescription drugs and tell them to “get over it.”!   If they can get an appointment at the VA!  I would recommend #marijuana / #weed / #cannabis over prescription drugs to all those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (#ptsd).  Furthermore, my plan for a #singlepayer health care (#FreeHealthcare) system (with optional treatment available by payment), and #FreeCollege and #FreeMedSchool, to be paid for by taxing the wealthiest 1% of the population a small % of net worth (#taxtrump. #wealthtax. See "taxes", #3, below) along with creating 2-3x the number of doctors we have now, immediately, will enable us to treat all Americans, including veterans who so much need and deserve extensive help.  Now.

No more American empire:

president George Washington, in his farewell address, said we should always have a very small army, and never get entangled with foreign nations, which could cause wars.  We certainly don’t need, and can’t afford, to have an empire stretching around the globe with approximately 800 bases in 156 countries and over 250,000 troops deployed overseas.  This is crazy.  We must bring our troops home, and let other nations, many very wealthy nations like Germany, japan, and Korea, pay for their own defense.  We can barely afford to pay for our own, and it is not right to risk our troops’ lives to defend other nations, when they are ready willing and able to do so.   We need a strong military, but they should be based here, and travel the world as needed.  We should only go to war when absolutely necessary, as a last resort.

Our first president, George Washington, in his farewell address to our nation in 1796, warned us against any foreign entanglements of any kind, if at all possible.  He said: 

“the great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop. Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none; or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves by artificial ties in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.

Our detached and distant situation invites and enables us to pursue a different course. if we remain one people under an efficient government, the period is not far off when we may defy material injury from external annoyance; when we may take such an attitude as will cause the neutrality we may at any time resolve upon to be scrupulously respected; when belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation; when we may choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.

Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation? Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice?

it is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world; so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it; for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing infidelity to existing engagements. I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. i repeat it, therefore, let those engagements be observed in their genuine sense. But, in my opinion, it is unnecessary and would be unwise to extend them.

Taking care always to keep ourselves by suitable establishments on a respectable defensive posture, we may safely trust to temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies.” http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/washing.asp

we should listen to him, for once.  He was speaking to us, and we can gain from listening now.  


We should only tax wealthy people, corporations, and non-profits.  (Also, given recent revelations about the wounded warriors project only spending less than 10% of revenue on vets, while some charities spend over 97% on helping others, we must limit overhead costs to approximately 10-20%).  Wealthy people/corporations/non-profits are the only Americans who can afford to pay taxes. 

How?  Do away with the current tax code, including all sales tax (except for sugar tax, the number one killer in the world, killing 36+ million ppl/year, vs. all illegal drugs killing 200 thousand people worldwide/yr), payroll, estate, and real-estate taxes, and instead:

Wealth tax on assets valued over $10,000,000:  levy a 2-8% (see “b”, below) net worth tax on the net worth of all wealthy people.  Everyone else is just struggling and can barely survive, at least if they want to start a family, and should pay no taxes at all.  Zero.  60% of all Americans will pay zero taxes under my tax plan.  Zero taxes.  Only those people, corporations, or non-profits with a net worth over $10 million will pay more taxes than 10% income tax, and those with a net worth over $100 million will pay far higher taxes, as they are the ones who can afford to, and who have benefitted the most from our current system.  my tax plan will greatly shift taxes from income to net worth, as many exceptionally wealthy people, up to half or more, pay no taxes because they lose money every year, even though they have hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.  That is not fair, and we must fix this.  Recent studies have shown that even people earning $20/hr cannot live above poverty in the cheapest states to live in in our nation.  no one should have to put off having a family for lack of funds, and possibly never have a family, when we live in the wealthiest nation in the world, and in world history, and when we all contribute daily to that wealth, millions of whom like house-wives, relatives caring for sick family, etc, never earn a dime for their efforts, but contribute greatly to society, and deserve the right to have families like everyone else.  

Income tax on earnings over $80,000: we should tax all those earning over $80,000 (where the “upper middle class” starts, according to researchers), and the average cost to raise a family in the USA  (http://www.businessinsider.com/cost-of-living-families-major-us-cities-2015-8, http://www.epi.org/resources/budget/) 10% of what they earn over that amount (combined local, state and federal taxes) and no sales taxes, except for a 30% tax on goods produced overseas (and the sugar tax, defined below).   

#taxtrump! wealth tax on the wealhiest 1% of our population, who own 45% of our nation's assets!

A wealth tax on net worth: 2% combined local, state and federal tax on all assets over $10 million ($10,000,000), including individuals and “non-profits”.  3% tax on all assets above $50 million ($50,000,000), 4% tax on all assets over $100m ($100,000,000), 6% over $500m, 8% over $1B=$10.5T over 10 years according to the “wealth tax” calculator posted online by Professors Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman (https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/2/12/18211833/wealth-tax-calculator-warren-sanders) says my proposal will yield $10.5T over 10 years, but really I believe that the economy will soar so much that the tax yield will be far higher, multiplying over the years.  Also, I propose we #tax #nonprofits too, to make sure that our nation can meet our citizens’ human rights, and feed the 1B ppl starving to death daily worldwide, as is our moral responsibility, being the richest nation in the world.

WE MUST REVERSE the Trump Tax Cuts too, which have put our nation into almost $1T annual deficit, now over $22B debt!

INCOME TAX:   Taxing people who earn over $80,000 would be taxing about 50% of Americans for income tax (new low 10% income tax rate).  the bottom 50% (those earning under $80,000) does not even have enough savings to survive 3 months without income, and therefore we will not tax them, as doing so puts us at risk of homelessness at any moment due to accident, etc. the wealthiest 1% of the population owns 45% of our nation's wealth, while the rest of us suffer because they have twisted the tax code to favor them.  There is no reason why a nation worth from $125 trillion to $1 quadrillion or more should have annual budget shortfalls, millions of people starving to death and homeless, crumbling infrastructure, and millions saddled with student debt and unable to earn enough to raise families, not to mention an $18 trillion national debt, caused by bush and Obama.  Time to #taxtherich, as our revolutionary founders and fighters intended and laid down their lives for.  If any person, company, or non-profit chooses to leave America to try to lower their tax rate, they will first pay a 3x #tax on #networth and #income before leaving.


#WealthTax: Taxing net worth, not income, was USA’s founding father/revolution leader Thomas Paine’s idea, and part of what inspired the revolution!  Part of why we have an America!  i did not think up the concept of a tax on net worth of wealthy individuals, (although i had thought i did)!  my research has proved that Thomas Paine, one of the founders of our nation, in the 1700’s proposed a tax of 10-20% on all property owners, as well as a guaranteed minimum income, to help inspire the American population to revolt against the British king George.  However, his tax would have been fully voluntary, which is not practical today given large government budgets that must be met annually.

Voluntary tax:   however, we should institute a voluntary tax of any amount, to be applied to any public program, with proper credit and extreme grateful thanks given for the extra generosity to help the community survive and thrive!  People should also have the option of donating anonymously to the federal government, and they will want to once all federal funds are used to help us as citizens, not fight against us or fight unnecessary wars. 

Overseas assets:  we should tax overseas assets of USA corporations and citizens at the same rate.  If anyone leaves America to switch nationalities, they should be charged a 3x (triple) exit fee tax.  All foreign-owned assets should be taxed at the same level as if they were held in the USA, which will end all “tax inversions” overnight. 

Financial transaction tax/ "#RobinHoodTax": A small transaction tax on every trade of a liquid asset, not enough to discourage necessary trading or ability to prevent loss, just enough to capture a small percentage of every trade.  Think of this as a sales tax for wealthy individuals and corporations, as we will be doing away with the regular sales tax, which is “regressive” as they tax lower earners the most, and at the highest percentage of their net worth or income, often the same thing.

End the social security tax cap of $250,000, as Sen. Bernie sanders has suggested!  This cutoff at $250,000 is unjust.

No other property, state, local, or #inheritance taxes, as net worth will be taxed universally and annually, not just randomly when someone dies.  

Sugar/sweetener tax:  finally, to save untold trillions of dollars in health care costs, and reimburse us for what we spend on those who consume sugar causing serious illness, including diabetes, blindness, heart disease, amputations, or death, we should have a special 1000% (10x) tax on sugar (and all other sweeteners), which are the main cause of illness, death and medical expenses in America and the world today.  Worldwide, all illegal drugs kill two hundred thousand (200,000) people per year, while sugar kills 36 million (36,000,000) people per year, accounting for 2/3 of annual deaths worldwide! http://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1001582   Enough.  Below is a link to an article about the dangers of sugar.  Sugar is an addictive poison that kills and is responsible for approximately 2/3 of all deaths in nation and world, by causing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, etc.  for more, please watch dr. Robert Lustig’s “viral” videos on YouTube! Dr. Mark Hyman has great ones too, explaining that all sweeteners are poisonous and deadly.  Dairy products are, too, really, as Dr. Ben Spock advised right before he died!  Going vegan reversed his extreme illness late in life and gave him 10 more years to live!  as he said, “cow milk is for cows, human milk is for humans!”!  also, as i will discuss below, the only way we can feed the world now and for millennia in the future, and not destroy our earth through global warming and pollution, and save our oceans too, is for all of humanity to switch, now, to a #vegan diet.

Sugar danger link:


Wealth distribution/starvation: 

my tax plan will only tax the “upper middle class” and up, which combined own over 95% of american wealth, but are only 40% of the population.  Everyone else, 60% of the population has only 5% of the wealth, and we need a break to just survive: no taxes.   

The following chart, from 2007, shows that the wealthiest 1% of Americans owns 34.6% (update: now recent studies say now 45%!) of our nation’s wealth, the next 4% of the population owns 27.3% of our nation’s wealth (so, combined, the wealthiest 5% of Americans own 61.9% of our nation’s wealth), the next 5% of our nation owns 11.2% of our wealth, the next 10% of our population owns 12% of our wealth, the next 20% of the population (the “upper middle class”) owns just 10.9% of our nation’s wealth (these are the people who will owe only 10% of their income over $80,000, and no property taxes!), the next 20% of our population, the “middle class”, owns just 4% of our nation’s wealth, and the bottom (in monetary wealth) 40% of our population owns just .2%, one fifth of one percent, of our nation’s worth, yet they work so so so hard and can barely survive.  The wealthiest 400 people have the same net worth, $6 trillion, as the poorest 150 million people, who are barely surviving.  Untold thousands have had their food stamps cut off in the last few months, and even those who do get food stamps only get $1.41/meal!  Over 50 million people, mostly children, are starving in the USA, and 1 billion people starving in world, mostly children, with 22,000 children dying of starvation per day worldwide!  Per day!!!  When we create enough food to feed them all!

This is not right!  we can and must do all we can to give everyone in America, and the world, an equal opportunity to reach their full potential in this world, and earn a good living.  the only way is to implement my tax plan and only tax wealthy people, the only ones amongst us who can afford to, and should, pay taxes to keep our nation going, and to help us all thrive in the future, multiplying all of our wealth.  Furthermore, we should do our all to increase the wealth of all people in the world, which will also  make us far wealthier too.



http://fortune.com/2014/10/31/inequality-wealth-income-us/ “wealth inequality in the u.s. is 10 times worse than income inequality” in #usa.



Environment/climate change/pollution: 

We must fight hard to clean up our world’s environment and reverse global warming and climate change.  We can start by (as filmmaker Morgan Spurlock suggested in his #cnn special documentary) incinerating all garbage in the world, to create clean energy from it.  (Doing so is not currently economically profitable, so we must use govt. subsidies until it does become profitable.)  We must clean up the oceans, and incinerate all the plastic in it.  (Although sadly there are a google (or untold quadrillions) of microscopic pieces that the fish eat that we will never be able to clean up, ever.)   We dump 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean each year, and we must stop this, immediately, to save the earth, the animals, and our own lives!  What’s worse, scientists predict within 10 years we’ll be dumping 10x, or 80 million, tons of plastic into the ocean/ year!  It’s killing us, and we must stop this killing of the earth, people, animals and plants now! http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/02/150212-ocean-debris-plastic-garbage-patches-science/  

We must go from fossil fuels to renewable energy, now.  Immediately.  We should stop production of all disposable plastic and Styrofoam, worldwide, now, which is poisoning the earth and oceans.  We each eat tens of thousands of tiny pieces of plastic a year in the fish of the earth, and it is killing us, daily.  Enough.  

Also, we must employ hundreds of thousands of people to scour America, and millions of people to scour the earth, to clean up the plastic debris that is killing us.  The U.N. should coordinate the worldwide clean-up.  Finally, before we (the USA and world) get totally off fossil fuels, we must immediately, today, ban #fracking + new #pipelines.  #fracking wastes billions of gallons of water, mixing it with hundreds of undisclosed poisonous chemicals before pumping it into the earth, and pipelines do leak, eventually. Some day they all will crack and leak, destroying the earth and all its inhabitants!  #corporations and #people have no right to destroy our earth and #poison us for their own profit or convenience!  in the midst of a drought caused by their pumping oil and natural gas which create greenhouse gases, which causes more global warming, no less! http://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=73&t=11 (“how much carbon dioxide is produced when different fuels are burned?”)



Close all oil and gas pipelines:

All current oil and gas pipelines were constructed using coercion, and often wrongfully employing “eminent domain” laws which considered these pipelines a national necessity, to force landowners to allow the pipelines to go through their land.  

Besides destroying the natural beauty of the land the pipelines go through, the larger issue is: they have a history of leaking, destroying the land and water tables they are built through.  Enough. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/13/opinion/sunday/a-pipeline-threatens-our-family-land.html?_r=0 

"A pipeline threatens our family land" New York Times 7/12/14

Global warming based on human action is incontrovertible!  99% of all modern scientists believe that humans are responsible, and that global warming has been accelerating in the last decade!  In the last decade, the oceans have risen as much as in the 90 years before that!  Soon, we will have all major cities on coasts underwater.  We must stop this global warming now!  Here is some proof, from a link from NASA, which also provides incredible benefit to humankind by exploring space!  


This global warming is not just melting the icecap and making species extinct, and killing us through drought, it’s the main cause of all the recent hurricanes too, scientists agree.  We are killing our earth and ourselves at an alarming rate, and if we do not stop, the world will be uninhabitable by humans soon, probably within 100-200 years.  We can start by cleaning up the oceans, cleanly incinerating the landfills, and banning fracking and pipelines.

Nuclear power: no nukes!

While I am amazed at the innovation and brilliance that went into developing nuclear power, I have two major reservations: 

we have found no way to safely destroy the poisonous radioactive waste from the plants, and every plant is also a target for potential terrorists, because destroying it would effectively create a “dirty bomb” that would kill the surrounding population and make the region uninhabitable for decades or longer.  

The same technology is used to develop nuclear plants and nuclear bombs, so exporting that technology around the world entails untold risks that we cannot afford to take, as the consequences of political shift and blackmail, or all-out war and death of millions, billions, or everyone in the world would be too dire. 

Free college, law, and medical school (public and private) and forgive all student loans!  In return for free college, law, and medical school, 2-3 years of public service.  We need to double the number of lawyers as most people who need one can’t find or afford one. 

We will have a national program to help all who can’t afford a lawyer, starting with housing and disability claims.  We will make sure everyone who needs one can get one. 

We will probably need 2x-3x the number of doctors we currently have, also. Hospitals and doctors are overwhelmed right now, and there are still currently 30+ million ppl uninsured who we will be giving medical care to under my universal coverage “hybrid” medical health care plan.

However, we should not pay out on the fraudulent loans made by fraudulent online for-profit “universities”, stealing billions of dollars from taxpayers for extremely substandard education!  We will forgive the loans to students made by these fraudulent “universities”, but not pay on the loans, and allow them to go bankrupt as punishment.

Free housing, food, and a minimal income (half of the new minimum wage of $15, or $7.50/hour) for everyone who needs that to survive, so we have no one homeless dying on the streets every night. Ideally, the free housing should also be extremely cheap and movable, possibly built in shipping containers, so that people can move their homes on a moment’s notice to where the latest jobs are available.  We should also have a national database of all jobs available at the moment, to help us know where to go to work.

Guaranteed minimum income (gmi) / universal basic income (ubi) / citizens' dividend:



Another of Thomas Paine’s ideas, fully explained in his essay "agrarian justice" (1796), which he intended to fund through a (voluntary) 10-20% annual wealth tax on landowners, was a gmi/ubi/citizens' dividend.  Another of the human rights for which the USA revolutionary fighters fought and died! 



While we will all do our best to make sure everyone who wants a job can get one, and i believe we will achieve that goal with this platform, including $5 trillion in infrastructure spending, we might not.  many (probably all) economists today believe that there is a possibility, or really probability, that given the added productivity of computers and robots, and multiples lower wages overseas, that we could have a portion of the population who will never get work again, or that most people will occasionally find no work after their best efforts.  while trying to prevent this by creating 50+millions jobs in USA immediately, and extensive economic development domestically and internationally, hopefully paid for by the wealthiest people, businesses and "non-profits" of the world, i want to prepare for it, just in case, by having the option of a guaranteed minimum wage, at half of the minimum wage.  It’s being at half of the minimum wage for work will guarantee that anyone who wants a decent life for themselves will do all they can to find work.

(we will also have a jobs program, enunciated elsewhere, which will create at least 50 million jobs, maybe more, so anyone who needs a job should be able to get one once you elect me to do so!)  


We must #legalize #suicide and #assisted suicide #assistedsuicide, #deathwithdignity, nationwide.  We have a right to die how and when we want, and not to be tortured for years against our will, at a cost of trillions of dollars too!  20% of health care costs, over $120 billion/year, are spent on the last year of life, often on people who are being kept alive against their will, in conditions that can only be called legalized torture, at a cost of up to millions of dollars per person.  We are not prolonging life, we are prolonging death, and torturing people as we do so.  We the people all have a right to die - how and when we want - and no government has a right to steal that from us and torture us in the process, to benefit billion-dollar corporations.

(Please read the incredible book about this: “knocking on heaven’s door: the path to a better way of death” by Katy Butler.  she based it on this article about her father’s slow painful death, and how her mother then chose to not prolong her life when given the option by doctors, to prevent future torture like her husband had suffered for years: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/20/magazine/20pacemaker-t.html?_r=0 )

8) free child care for all, up to age 5, as France provides its citizens (horribly: only 1/3 get spots, and they charge on a sliding scale), hopefully recruiting elderly people to help, giving them meaning in their lives instead of being locked away in nursing homes, and providing them with necessary income too.   This will free up moms and/or dads to work, greatly increasing their, and our nation’s productivity, and yes, tax receipts if they earn over $80,000/year, and hopefully over $1billion net worth so they can get into the highest tax bracket.  http://www.expatica.com/fr/family-essentials/life-in-france-a-guide-to-daycare_101152.html

free preschool for all children:  

this will not only help the families survive economically, it will give all children the jump in life that pre-school provides: money well spent as an investment in our children, which will repay itself many times over, just as free child care will.  Invaluable investment.  Human rights too!

Free Childcare, to allow all parents to work!

Home care for sick and elderly:

move people from nursing homes and hospitals into real homes as much as possible, with home health helpers and an army of doctors doing house calls, as they did in the past.  November is “home care and hospice month”!  http://www.nahc.org/consumer-information/november-is-home-care-hospice-month/

Let’s celebrate by making a national commitment to shifting long-term care of the sick and dying to back to their homes, giving them more rewarding lives, and death with dignity.  

10) Emancipation of + Giving Vote to #Teenagers:

We should lower age of “majority” to 16, (Nelson Mandela proposed age 13, but that is too young for America right now, until we raise children to be more responsible), to let teens have the right to decide their lives for themselves, as much as possible.  Teenagers are adults (albeit young adults), and we have no right to steal their human rights to self-determination and freedom by having the law designate and treat them as children.  They will be allowed to move out of abusive homes without first going to a judge for permission.  They will be able to have abortions without getting any parental or judicial approval!  Because teens are the ones who fight our wars, we must lower the voting age to 16 to give teens a fighting chance of voting to avoid wars and save their lives.  Remember, I’ll close all overseas military bases and bring all our troops home to defend us here, as our nation’s founders envisioned, on day one I’m in office!  But teens still need a say in whether we go to war, as they would fight in any potential future wars, god-forbid.

Furthermore, just as we must make abortion free and legal for all adults, even teen adults, we must also facilitate allowing teens and young adults the choice to have children if they so choose!  thus, we should have free child-care in all high schools and colleges/universities in our nation, so that women have the same rights to an equal education as men, whether they choose to have children or not.  Having children should not deprive teens of an education, destroying their earnings potential for life!

Stop registration for the draft: 

Our nation’s “children” (young adults!), upon turning 18, should not be forced to register with the government to fight in a war.  We will prevent all wars, but god-forbid be don’t, all service in the military should always be voluntary.  A soldier compelled to fight against his will is a soldier you cannot count on in battle.  Also, no one should be forced to face death against their will, much less forced to kill in a war they believe was a mistake, as the current Afghanistan and Iraq wars were and are.  


Stop drug prohibition and prescription: ending drug prohibition and prescription will go a long ways towards ending most violence and robbery nationally and internationally, including the slaughter going on in our cities and south of our border daily. no other way!!!  Over 70 people are murdered in the USA on average per day, most due to conflicts or crimes caused by our unconstitutional and useless drug prohibition laws.

Background checks: also, we must have universal background checks for guns, and anyone with a history of violence must be banned from getting a gun.  Neurological, psychological and medical tests should also be a prerequisite for owning a gun, as they can be so deadly in the wrong hands.

Buy a gun: everyone else, sadly, should buy a gun to make sure they are safe, and learn how to use it and do target practice often, and keep it locked up at night so no one accidentally gets hurt or killed.  We must change all laws which prevent us from carrying concealed small guns, as they are the only way to save our lives during an attack by a murderous maniac, god-forbid that should happen.  Only 4% of Americans have permits to carry a concealed gun, and only a small percentage of them do carry every day, less than 1% of the population.  This puts us all in danger.  We each have a responsibility, if we can afford to, to buy, learn to use, and carry a small gun.  

Armed guards in every classroom:

Sadly, armed maniacs are killing children in elementary and middle schools, teenage adults in high schools, and college students in their classrooms.  Often students or former students!  We must stop these murders!  Now!!!!!!!!!!  While only a small percentage of all murders are people killed in mass murders, we must defend everyone, especially as students are required by law to go to school (which will end when we emancipate teenagers and deem them to be adults instead of children!).  an armed guard in every class would be expensive, but our tax plan will generate more than enough money to pay for this necessity, as it will tax the wealthiest 1% of the population (net worth over $8,000,000, taxing individuals, "non-profits", and corporations equally) a small percentage of net worth to enforce every citizens' human rights, starting with our right to life.  (See tax plan above, #3, for more details).  (All teachers would be paid, equally, from this national wealth tax, and all local taxes would be abolished, including property and especially sales taxes, the most regressive tax of all.  (See "education", below.)  The wealthiest 1% of our nation own over 43% of the assets: it is their responsibility to pay for teachers and guards to protect students, not people who can barely survive or afford to provide for their families, or to often even have families!)  stop killing us!  Enough!  Never again!!!!!!!!!!!   Not one more!!!!!!  Not one more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ban possession of assault rifles: 

We must ban all assault weapons/war weapons, as they can just be used to kill too many people at a time.  Hunters don’t use them anyway.  Hunters can use rifles or bows and arrows.  30 people a day are killed by other people with guns, and 60 people a day kill themselves with guns.  While we can’t stop all murders, stopping the sale of machine guns will go a long ways towards decreasing the number of murders per year.  

Require licenses to buy shotguns and bb guns:

Also, we must make all who buy a shotgun or a bb gun get a license, as untold thousands are killed, maimed, or blinded, often children playing with bb guns a year, and we can stop these injuries and deaths with common sense laws requiring licenses and background checks for histories of violence.

Free target practice and lessons: + REQUIRE target practice class annually

Owning and carrying a gun is useless if you are not trained, and constantly maintain your ability, to hit a target from a distance, repeatedly and under pressure.  We should have free classes for all, for the benefit of all.

Gun control:

I support the same policies that most democrats do: banning machine guns (aka assault weapons) and requiring background checks and a waiting period for everyone who wants to buy a gun.  Furthermore, i support the democratic legislators who staged a sit-in at the capital to push for those suspected of having terrorist tendencies, and therefore on the "terrorist watch list", from getting guns, although there should be a hearing process if someone disputes this categorization.

Also, we must require everyone who applies for a gun permit to take and pass a gun safety class as over 500 people per year are killed by others accidentally, approximately the same number who are killed in mass shootings every year! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/gun_violence_in_the_united_states

Repurpose police and bring troops home to protect us all:

There are terrorists and maniacs running around shooting people, almost daily.  We must repurpose our police and our troops to protect us all: any gathering of over 100 people, ideally, should have police or troops, even under-cover, to protect us.  We must be safe!

Legalize suicide and assisted suicide, but also provide free suicide and depression counseling for all, as well as creating/providing enough jobs, or at least basic housing, food, education, and even income, for all the millions of destitute people in our nation, which will go a long way towards preventing the approximately 45,000 suicides per year in the USA.  



We should spend the same per child nationwide for public education, to be paid for by the wealthiest 1% of the population, not property taxes, which leads to great inequities in education.  Illegal and immoral inequities. 

Ideally we should end standardized testing in schools: 

We must end the evil, destructive “common core” which is a perverse take on education, leading to mass confusion, amounting to torturing our children.  We must strongly support public school education, so all schools are incredible.  We can’t have two tiers of schools, regular and “charter” schools.  ideally, we should end all standardized testing, which just stresses out children and makes teachers “teach to the test”, and ideally take competition out of schools too, to make them just about learning, and bringing out each child’s best!  However, i do understand that we want to make sure children are receiving some basic level of training.  If we do have testing, we must make sure that the questions are not trick questions, but straightforward!

Colleges would still be allowed to require standardized tests for admission, as they are private institutions and can do as they choose.  I would hope they would choose not to, though.  Furthermore, when all tuition is paid for by the federal government, we should be able to negotiate an end to those unfair tests, which really only test your ability to do well on these tests, not your "aptitude for college", work, or anything else.

teachers unions: we should support teachers’ unions, which not only fight for teachers to be paid a living wage, but fight to defend them if they are accused of being bad teachers, ensuring they have the due process of a hearing in case they are fired without cause.  Often, our best, most experienced amazing teachers with tenure are fired just because they get paid more than new teachers.  This is wrong!  Only teachers unions can prevent this by providing teachers due process in case such specious (good s.a.t. word!) accusations are made.  If a teacher is really a bad teacher, they will then, after a hearing, be dismissed so a good teacher can take their place, as is currently done.  we should encourage, or require if possible, all teachers to have advanced degrees in their area of teaching, and pay for such study too so they do not go into debt for teaching our children.

Healthcare: the number one thing we can do to improve our nation’s health and save trillions of dollars at the same time (and stop global destruction and warming too!) is to all switch to a plant-based, vegan diet!  (We can get the necessary omega-3 fatty acids from algae pills, and make sure we get all necessary vitamins and minerals by taking a vegan multivitamin/mineral pill.)  If you don’t do that, at least please, cut out all sugar and all other sweeteners (a little honey is ok), dairy, all wheat, most carbohydrates, and all chemicals!  Sugar is the number one cause of health problems and death, causing obesity, heart disease, strokes and cancer.   Sugar kills 36+ million people per year worldwide annually, and we can stop those deaths by quitting sugar.  (Although, obviously, we will all die eventually of old age.)  (We will have a 100-200% sugar-tax to help encourage this: see my tax plan above #3.)  Obviously, to avoid death by cancer, please just stop smoking tobacco, the number one cause of cancer.

Also, stopping plastic pollution, and cleaning up and incinerating all plastic in the modern, energy-producing incineration plants, will save millions of lives.  (see above, climate change, #4)

to cut skyrocketing healthcare costs:

ending drug prohibition and prescription:  yes, drug prohibition and prescription (which we have only had since 1951!!!) have been nothing more than enforcing pharmaceutical drug companies’ monopolies on selling drugs, with our criminal laws, and using police as their corporate enforcers!  Federal “cartel” (as fox network moderators called the federal govt in the last debate) indeed!  ending drug prescription and prohibition will not only give us back our human rights to do to our bodies and treat our illnesses as we see fit, without the approval of a doctor or the federal government, it will save us trillions in health-care costs, including the costs of prescription drugs, the cost of the approval process, the costs of doctors’ visits, and the costs of losing homes after arrest, and lost livelihoods in jail, and families forced onto welfare by such arrests.  We will be able to either buy, at greatly reduced costs, natural plant and even organic drugs and not their artificial pharmaceutical “equivalents”, but we will also be able to grow our own in our closets and back yards, essentially for free.     

***We should go to a “hybrid healthcare” system (my term!), which would provide universal healthcare for all, as a human right.  Doctors will work until 2pm (or until 5pm if they choose) for government pay, and after 2pm for private pay/insurance pay at market rates, if they so choose.  Allowing them to work at market rates for half the day will greatly increase their incomes, making it at least somewhat commensurate to the value they provide by increasing our health and saving our lives every day. 

Obamacare has been wonderful for most Americans, but there are major problems my plan will fix: 

30 million Americans still have no health insurance.  We must fix this, and the only way is to go to universal healthcare, under a hybrid system (hybrid meaning doctors could choose to spend half their time treating patients for market rates, either for procedures not covered by the government, or even for procedures which would be provided, but by other doctors). 

Millions of Americans have trouble affording to pay their healthcare premiums, and their co-pay for drugs or doctor visits.  Under my system, we will have no expenses out-of-pocket, at all, except for whatever is not covered by the government. 

To have a drug or treatment covered by the government, all that will be necessary will be for a doctor to recommend it as a necessary treatment.  Drug companies will still have the option of going through a government approval process, but we will not be forced to only buy drugs that have passed government approval.  We will simply have the option of gaining that added layer of safety. 

Re- #legalize all "#drugs" (as they were legal for the first 150 yrs. of our nation, as well as for all of human history for millennia!), and allowing them to be tested by the government and private organizations for purity, will greatly cut down on accidental deaths, and also greatly reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (from dirty needles used to inject some drugs) which spread to our population as a whole, endangering us all.

End world poverty now: We MUST make sure whole world is fed, clothed, and housed.  We can start with food, as there are 1 billion people starving tonight, and 22,000 children die in the world of starvation every day.  Every day.

We should then embark on a great project of not only debt forgiveness to other nations, but of economic development.  Even if we just spend a small percentage of what we spend on our military attacking them currently, for food, housing, and economic development instead, the world will profit greatly, and we will then profit greatly from their profit, in a cycle of protection of human rights, expansion of economic opportunity and productivity, and personal freedom and fulfillment for all.

Guaranteed minimum income (see above):

finally, let's be clear: unless and until all other plans (ie job creation) to raise out of crushing poverty the billions of poor people barely, often not, surviving every second work, we, the people of the world, must require the wealthiest people of the world, the wealthiest 1%, who own most money in the world, to pay a small daily income to all people of the world.  How do you end poverty overnight?  Simple: pay people so they are not poor anymore.  Done.  Worldwide, the wealthiest 1% own 40% of the world's assets, while a billion people are starving to death daily.  We have a responsibility to care for each other.  Also, the only reason anyone, including billionaires, is alive or can earn a dime is because of everyone else in the world.  Wealthy people will be more than happy to pay a small percentage of their net worth to provide for the human rights of everyone else!  They just don't want their money going towards war, murder, jail and slavery for millions for breaking "morals" laws like drug prohibition, aka victimless "crimes"!

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/12/06/the-richest-1-percent-now-owns-more-of-the-countrys-wealth-than-at-any-time-in-the-past-50-years/?utm_term=.1d5d94d84dfd  "the richest 1 percent now owns more of the country’s wealth than at any time in the past 50 years" by christopher ingraham, washington post, december 6, 2017

https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2017/nov/14/worlds-richest-wealth-credit-suisse "inequality: richest 1% own half the world's wealth, study finds.  credit suisse report highlights increasing gap between the super-rich and the remainder of the globe’s population." by rupert neate, wealth correspondent, the guardian @rupertneate

tue 14 nov 2017 06.56 est

Stop all mass surveillance.  All.  NSA + DEA + apps on cell phones + all corporate illegal unconstitutional spying:  

Down with Big Brother!

No more tapping phones, phone records, emails, texts, locations, web browsing tracking "cookies", etc.  Only with a warrant from a court after proof of probable cause of a real crime being committed, not a false victimless/consensual crime.  (In addition to pardoning the 70 million Americans convicted of victimless/consensual “crimes” (which are certainly unconstitutional).) 

#FreeEdward! #PardonChelsea:
I’ll be sure among them are national heroes Chelsea Manning + Edward Snowden.  They let us all know what our government is doing in our name without our approval, including spying on us all and killing civilians, and we owe them our deep gratitude for their sacrifice, including being freed from their respective jails.  

Ending #MassSurveillance means not just stopping the nsa (national security administration) wiretapping/email/texting mass surveillance, and repealing the unconstitutional “patriot act” spying, but stopping the much bigger dea (drug enforcement agency) spying program, spying on every american’s communications for decades, in the name of fighting the evil, misguided, failed “war on drugs”.  

On DEA's "project hemisphere" illegal spying on us: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/02/us/drug-agents-use-vast-phone-trove-eclipsing-nsas.html

We must pass legislation to stop drug prohibition, but as part of my pledge to enforce the constitution i have and will swear to uphold, I will end mass surveillance as a violation of our rights to privacy, protected by the 4th amendment of the constitution, against unreasonable search and seizure without a court-ordered warrant after indication of criminal activity.

US constitution, Amendment IV

"the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Also, we must end private corporate spying on us, which is also unconstitutional, starting with banning computer programs “apps” that track us wherever we go, every second, both on the web and with our bodies.  This is illegal spying, and it must end.  no, burying some acceptance of it in the “terms and conditions” of an app is not sufficient to allow this egregious violation of our God-given human rights to privacy!  Even “search engines” on the internet have no right to look at where else we go on the web than their website, or to keep any records of where we go elsewhere on the web, or really even inside their site.  We, the us citizens, paid for the development of the web by the us military, and we own the web, not some corporation, and we have the right to not be followed, ever!

Finally, we must make illegal the sale in the United States of any item which could be used to spy on us without our knowledge.  meaning, for a corporation to be allowed to sell a cell phone or computer in this nation from now on, we will require that they have removable batteries, memory chips, and hard drives, so that no one can ever follow or tap us when the battery is removed, or use our devices to discover our activities.  We do have 5th amendment rights against self-incrimination, remember, which we must protect always.  any computer or cell phone can be hacked today, by governments, corporations, or criminals, and we have a right to prevent this hacking by not allowing the sale of devices that we can’t ever turn off, which could even be used to observe us in our bedrooms!  No.

Litmus test for the court (in addition to overturn citizens’ united case): 

I will only appoint judges for any position who believe that all victimless/consensual “crimes” are unconstitutional, and our government has no right to convict, jail, and rob homes etc. from innocent people for such victimless/consensual “crimes”.

I will only appoint judges who will swear to enforce the US constitution and to not convict people of victimless and/or consensual crimes such as drug possession, sex work (prostitution) or gambling.  We have basic God-given human rights to do to our bodies and minds as we wish, for whatever reason, and no one has a right to tell us not to, or to lock us up as slaves and steal our property if we don’t!  We have a right to engage in consensual activity with other adults, or to grow whatever we want on our property as long as pesticides and/or GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds (which we should ban!) are not harming our neighbors’ land.  This is America!  Furthermore, we should remove from the bench and fire any prosecutors and police who will not abide by their pledge to enforce our constitutionally guaranteed God-given human rights to freedom and not enforce unconstitutional victimless/consensual “crimes”.  i will do everything in my power as president to enforce the constitution and stop the arrests and prosecution of our innocent citizens for these illegal “morality/vice crimes”.  however, the ultimate solution is to pass laws reflecting our human rights, and repealing through the federal legislature all drug prohibition and other victimless/consensual “crimes” laws attempting to criminalize or otherwise restrict activity that consenting adults have the right to engage in.  

Stop legalized "reverse discrimination"/“affirmative action”: 

We must stop “racial” or ethnic preferences or quotas, which is really just illegal and immoral govt sponsored +endorsed ethnic discrimination. 

We will have a purely merit-based system, which is only fair.  No one has a right to be penalized or aided for what ethnic group they are descended from, or for their family’s wealth or poverty.  That is unjust.  we just need to level the playing field with free housing, food, and clothing even for all, and incredible equally well-paid teachers for everyone too!

As all scientists agree that there is no such thing as “race”, i will not enforce any laws based on the evil concept of “race”, which is the big lie.  We will end all government sponsored, endorsed, or permitted discrimination of any kind.  

Furthermore, it is unfair to have college admissions, etc. discriminate against students who have not grown up in poverty.  as i said, we will make sure that every child is provided for, starting with free child-care and preschool, all the way to free medical school, law school, and even some graduate schools, but we must not allow discrimination based on wealth, just as we don’t allow it for skin color or ethnicity.  Everyone should be given equal opportunity, but that does not mean allowing a thumb on the scale for some of us.  My father, grandfather, and ancestors all did incredibly well in school despite extreme poverty, as have millions of poor children throughout history.  Soon after standardized tests were instituted at the turn of the century, they instituted “racial” and ethnic quotas extremely limiting the number of Jews who could attend American colleges and universities.  my own great uncle Sam (yes, his real name!), despite being a genius, was rejected from all American medical schools because he was Jewish, and his brother Murray, my grandfather, who had also grown up in extreme poverty but excelled as an attorney, had to pay for him to go to school in England for that reason.  

Furthermore, to survive economically as a nation, not to mention to save millions of people from oppression, we should accept millions more people from around the world.  the current Americans, however, will not support any increased immigration if every new immigrant gets ahead of us in line for acceptance to universities, government loans, etc. ("affirmative action" discrimination) there is just no way current Americans will support any future immigration, even or especially from refugees, until we end government and all government-sanctioned discrimination, as the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed in his “I have a dream!” speech!  So we must end evil “affirmative action” discrimination once and for all.  it is up to us to now finally fulfill dr. king’s dream.  Now. 

Finally, while such laws were designed to help the descendants of slavery in the usa, most such laws and programs help recent immigrants much more, who tend to be of higher socio-economic background too. http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/resolve?id=doi%3a10.1086%2f510167&erfrom=5167100011638076165guest& 


Furthermore, allowing recent immigrants to get an advantage over native-born Americans is not only unfair, if we don't reverse this unfair practice, it will lead to Americans wanting to further limit immigration at a time when we need more immigrants for our economy to thrive, and to support the number of retirees on social security, which currently stands at 3 workers/retiree, soon to be 2 workers/retiree, down from 45 workers / retiree when social security was founded!  in a world of 7 billion people, we can't survive with so few citizens, but the population will not want to admit more if they get preferential treatment when applying to colleges, jobs, and loans.

Even those Americans who really are descendants of slaves who benefit from “affirmative action” tend to be of higher socio-economic “status” than those of the extreme poverty who are still left woefully behind.  Not to mention: most Americans, of every skin color and ethnicity, had ancestors who were oppressed in the late 19th century, either in America or in other nations.  In America, discrimination against Irish people, Italians, and Jews was common at that time.  Overseas, my ancestors were suffering greatly in Europe at that time, not at the hands of American slaveholders, but by their neighbors and their government.  Most Americans’ ancestors were oppressed: that’s why they came here.  It is unfair to only favor one group, for any reason.  Ever.  Slaves in our nation were suffering worse than many people in the world, but certainly not all.  Jews were being slaughtered in official Russian government attacks at that very same time, forced running from their homes with the clothes on their backs to America where, thank god, they were welcomed graciously (by many, certainly not all, especially in the south, where Jews and "blacks" were both lynched!) and built new lives.  

This is not to say that people are not bigoted or evil, even today, based on not only skin color and ethnicity, but on weight, looks, physical differences (“disabilities”), sexual orientation, religion, hair length, facial hair, etc.  For example, most Jews who live by the strict laws of our religion would be discriminated against today for observing the strict “orthodox” version of our religion and having a beard and wearing a head-covering.  This does not mean we need special programs to help Jews, or any other group: it means we need to just say: “no discrimination is legal, ever, for any reason.”  

Although, Jewish children from Orthodox communities are subjected to child abuse because they are not taught English even, as their focus is on religious texts, and they are often subjected to physical abuse in classrooms, just as catholic nuns used to rap children’s knuckles with rulers, these teachers today keep a rod on their desks as a constant threat, and use it at least 1x/wk to keep the students constantly in total fear.  We must at least require that they be given an equal “secular” education to other students, and not be subjected to physical abuse, ever, if we are going to allow children to be kept in “religious” schools.  Children have human rights too, starting with the right to be given an equal education to everyone else in the world, and not to be beaten daily, as is still the case for thousands of children in religious schools in Brooklyn, NY, and probably with other religions nationwide too.  

"12-hour school day, but can't do math: inside the uphill battle to improve secular education in Chasidic yeshivas." by Hella Winston and Amy Sara Clark


To provide equal opportunity for all students, we will have, as discussed above, free housing, food, childcare, jobs, and even guaranteed minimal income. 

Furthermore, to guarantee that all public-school students receive an equal and excellent education, we should stop paying for education from property taxes (which will be abolished anyway for most Americans) and pay an equal amount per student in the nation, paid for from the federal wealth tax (4-6-8%) on those with a net worth over $6m/$100m/$1b and 10% income tax on income over $80k, taxing individuals, businesses and "non-profits" equally so no one can switch designations to lessen the tax.

Gerrymandering and right to vote: 

Random districts: we must stop all gerrymandering and stealing of our right to vote!  How?  By having a computer randomly redraw districts every election, based solely on population size!  Simple!  

End electoral college: 

I will abolish the unconstitutional electoral “college” Day 1, and grant #EqualVote to all citizens of USA!  #OnePersonOneVote! The “electoral college” has stolen the election from the majority vote-winner in several recent presidential elections!  Direct vote!  We will gain back our right to vote by instituting one person/one vote as our goal, shifting from a representative democracy to a direct constitutional democracy in the process!

Choice of address: a person’s address, for voting purposes, should be determined by where they lived the majority of the preceding year.

Guaranteeing that people vote: 

We have very low voter turnout (about 50% average, 55% in the last election) for one reason: people are sickened by their choices of candidates.  They know that all the other candidates (besides me!) support mass arrests for unconstitutional victimless/consensual “crimes” and endless empire and the wars maintaining that empire requires!  Furthermore, these unconstitutional victimless+ consensual "crimes" deem a majority of Americans to be criminals!  combine that with unconstitutional mass surveillance, and people are facing the real possibility of voting to send themselves to jail, and then have a life of poverty, homelessness, and horror because they can never get a job or apartment again.  That is why we are sickened by our choices: we are sick of people giving us no choice but to vote for arrest and slavery in jail and then lives of poverty for ourselves and our children, and we won't!  That is why I will win this election: I am the only candidate giving people a real choice for freedom!

However, we can make voting easier by making every federal election a national holiday, and paying people $100 to vote in every federal election, $40 in the local elections!  And 

automatic registration when people turn 15 years old, or 13, whatever age you (through congress or!) decide the new lower age of majority should be.  

Preventing potential voter fraud:

National id cards, and visa visitor cards for tourists: 

the most efficient means of knowing if someone is a citizen, and of keeping track of visiting tourists, is to require all citizens to carry proof-of-citizenship national id cards.  These cards will be given for free to all citizens.  If proof of birth cannot be provided, then proof of life and identity will have to suffice.  

Statehood for territories:  

Finally, we must give the people of Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and all our other “territories” the rights of full citizenship to vote and to self-determination, and make those territories states unless they want to secede from our nation which has never granted them their human rights.  we must also forgive the debt of the nation of Puerto Rico, to help the people of that struggling island rebuild their difficult lives.  

No electronic voting: Paper Ballots ONLY!

They can, and have, been hacked, recently by Russians. Simple solution: verifiable "fill in the circle" forms, used for all standardized tests (which we will hopefully abolish) etc. simple.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/08/30/could-hackers-tip-an-american-election-you-bet/

Systemic risk to the financial system: 

Lower Bank leverage:

To prevent future bank failures like we recently suffered, we must lower the amount of leverage that banks have back to safer levels.  right before the crash, permissible levels of leverage on capital reserves were raised from 15x leverage to 45x leverage, at the behest of the then-head of Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson, who later went on to head the treasury department.  (Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!)  To be safe, we should lower them down to 10x leverage, or even lower.  Most people with a stock trading account are only allowed 3x leverage, tops.  3x should be the permissible leverage amount, if doing so would not slow down the economy too much, which i will decide after consulting with Nobel laureate economics professor Paul Krugman, who will hopefully accept my offer to head the federal reserve.  Furthermore, I did oppose those “bailouts” and supported  Prof. Paul Krugman’s idea of doing what Iceland did and briefly nationalize any failing bank, then recapitalizing them.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/23/opinion/23krugman.html?_r=0  that is what we should do in the future if, god-forbid, we ever have another major market crash.  Knowing that they will not be bailed out, but briefly nationalized and reborn, should be enough to prevent any future recklessness.

Breaking up the largest banks into smaller pieces:

However I also support Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 5 point plan (which Sen. Bernie Sanders has agreed with the heart of: breaking up the big banks) to limit systemic risk.  while this will not fix the current state the economy is in, it will lessen the chances of a crash going deeper, and spreading to affect everyone in the nation and world.  her 5 point plan is 1) breakup of the biggest banks 2) close a regulatory loophole for auto dealers 3) punish large firms and their executives more harshly for wrongdoing 4) reform the tax code and 5) better regulate the shadow banking sector.  I would be honored to have her implement this plan if she would like, and I believe she will. 


However, I reiterate my first point: the most important way the government can reduce risk is by literally reducing risk: limiting the amount of leverage to at most 15x capital which it was before congress raised it right before the most recent crash, by any and all investment entities, including “shadow banking” firms.  And I repeat my second point: all this will do is limit systemic risk, not improve the economy at all, or even reign the banks in at all, as usually in history, when monopolies are broken up, the pieces each grows to be way larger than the original entity.  Think standard petroleum, the original monopoly that was smashed, only to be reborn even bigger than before, but in pieces!

Ban "Social Impact Bonds":

Finally, we must stop banks from profiting when government saves money from “social impact bonds”.  we will certainly save trillions of dollars when we stop all the wars, close and sell all overseas military bases, and when we end the drug war/ drug prohibition and free 90+% of the prisoners, who are in for unconstitutional crimes, and when we reduce other egregious sentences.  Drug prohibition is the cause of most crime, so crime costs will fall drastically too.  The banks can, and should, certainly profit when the markets soar from our cost-savings.  

However, they now have thought up a new “investment vehicle” called “social impact bonds” whereby they finance cost-cutting proposals, but reap all the gains in savings, gaming the system yet again!  They profited as the spending went up on jails, now they’re figuring out how to profit when spending goes down from reform!  Enough!  Hell no!  


Animal rights, cetacean rights, and simian rights:

We must close all zoos not housing endangered species, or just free all un-endangered animals, give all remaining animals large areas to roam, and free all cetaceans, as they are smarter than us, and simians (monkeys, apes, etc.) as they are almost as smart as us and still quite brilliant!  Also, we must stop all circus abuse of animals, and preferably end all use of animals in circuses and “petting zoos” and have all animals running as free as possible in nature, which will lead them to have much happier and fulfilling lives without humans enslaving them.  #emptythetanks! #cetaceanrights! #freeshamu!   

Refugees and immigration: 

End drug prohibition: the only way to stop people from having to run for their lives to move here is to stop the murderous drug war south of our border, which is created by drug prohibition.  Repeat: the only way to end the drug war is to end drug prohibition and prescription, which artificially inflate prices, and create murderous monopolies!  http://www.npr.org/2015/07/15/423203008/cartel-author-spins-an-grand-tale-of-mexicos-drug-wars

On how America’s drug problem relates to Mexico’s drug problem:

"We are the largest drug market in the world. We’re 5 percent of the world's population — we consume 25 percent of the world's illegal drugs. Mexico has the misfortune to share a 2,000 mile border with the largest drug market in the world. ... At the end of the day, they'll run out of products. it's the illegality that makes those territories so valuable. If you criminalize anything only criminals can sell it. If only criminals can sell it, there's no recourse to law, there's only recourse to violence. That’s created the cartels. It’s our simultaneous appetite for — and prohibition of — drugs that makes those border territories worth killing for."

- Don Winslow, author "Cartel" - NPR interview

On how marijuana is farmed with slave labor:
What you have now in the immigrant community are more Central Americans than Mexicans and they make this long and dangerous journey up through central America up through Mexico to get to the American border. A lot of them don't make it. They are kidnapped by the cartels, often murdered, the men, on suspicion that they might join a rival cartel and might be used by a rival cartel. The women and the girls are very often taken and forced into farm labor and/or prostitution.  So i don't want to harsh anybody's high, I wouldn't tell an adult what he or she should do, however, i think that we ought to know the provenance of these drugs that we're taking (i say "we," i don't do any drugs), and know that there's a high probability that other people paid in pain and suffering for that party you're having." - Don Winslow, author "Cartel" - NPR interview http://www.npr.org/2015/07/15/423203008/cartel-author-spins-an-grand-tale-of-mexicos-drug-wars

On the effect legalizing marijuana (just in Washington and Colorado) has had on Mexican trafficking:

"Just two states that have legalized marijuana, do you know what's happened in Mexico? Forty percent of Mexican marijuana imports, they've been cut by 40 percent. In Durango and Sinaloa, where most of the marijuana is grown, they've almost stopped growing it now, because they can't compete with the American quality and the American market. ... I’m not making this up; you get this from customs and from DEA, from the people who are trying to intercept it on the border and judge how much is coming through as a percentage of how much they seize, and what they're telling us is it's down 37 percent over the last two years. So by stopping fighting, just two states stopping fighting the war on that drug, it has been effective." - author/journalist Don Winslow, same NPR interview, 2015

Economic development: we must also do massive positive economic development domestically and worldwide, especially south of our border where we have created a murder rate 4x that of in the USA!  Approximately 11,000 people were murdered in the USA last year, but approximately 24,000 were murdered in Mexico, a country w/ a far smaller population!  There is a USA-created drug war and crime spree sending the world’s largest flow of refugees in history, many small children traveling alone, to risk their lives crossing our border, and the only way to end the murders is to end drug prohibition.  When alcohol prohibition started, the murder rate went up 50%, and when it ended it went down 50%, within just a few years! We can hope for and expect the same drop when we end drug prohibition.  

Secure northern and southern borders (part of my platform for 18 years in 3 previous presidential races, 2004, 2012, 2016!) and secure coasts, but EVERYONE here illegally stays and we could easily absorb 2-3x more immigrants as citizens/ year, equaling 2-3 million total:  

After we end drug prohibition and prescription, the main causes of the southern border refugee crisis caused by mass slaughter of civilians by gangs/cartels created by our drug laws, we must secure our borders, north and south.  Every person who enters our nation must be screened, as well as everyone and everything entering our ports.  We should greatly increase the number of people who can come to America legally.  Our economy is not a “zero sum game”, as more immigrants help our economy soar, although we do want to set some limit, just far higher than the current limit.  We must let everyone who has come here already stay.  Sending them back to their home countries is sending them back to death, gangs, torture, or crushing poverty right now, death, torture and poverty we created.  The vast majority of immigrants are exceptionally loving and hard-working people, the backbone of our nation, and we should treat them with love, respect, and honor, not hate, rounding them up like animals and sending them to their deaths.  We ruined their lives through our misguided laws, now we have a responsibility to help make their lives better.

America was founded by immigrants, and for immigrants.  Our declining smaller cities and towns have been greatly revitalized by immigrants!  WE will prosper only by letting in 2-3m more/year! 

22) police must start respecting us all as people, citizens, presumed innocent, with human rights!  #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter!  they must stop attacking innocent people, and beating or even killing people for just not signaling (like Sandra Bland) or not putting on a seatbelt, or even as Freddie Gray was accused of carrying a switch blade.  So what!  That is the silliest law ever!  Yes, “black” and Hispanic people are disproportionately attacked by police and arrested, but Americans of all ethnicities and skin shades are wrongfully attacked, arrested, and enslaved, 11-13 million a year arrested and 1,200 killed by police a year, the vast majority for victimless and/or consensual crimes, which are unconstitutional and violate our human rights to freedom!  

Our nation’s founding mothers and fathers founded America to grant Americans and all people of the world freedom, not to enslave us!  We must have intense de-escalation and sensitivity training, and training in non-lethal force, and body cameras on police 24/7, but the best way to stop this abuse is to take away their main reason for confronting, arresting, and killing us, and to take all victimless/consensual “crimes” like vagrancy off the books, now!  We must stop this war on Americans, on people of color, and especially on poor people, now.  Enough! #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter, and the police have no right to just attack us, arrest us, and enslave us for decades when we are not hurting someone else, ever!  Ever.  Enough!  day one I’m president, i will enforce the constitution and protect our human rights to freedom, life, etc. and stop any and all enforcement by police of victimless and/or consensual crimes.  However, we will be able to regulate our neighborhoods through public nuisance laws, etc., but not by deeming consensual activity a crime.

Police discretion: (the police corollary of "jury nullification", see #33 below): 

Police have a right and responsibility to not enforce minor law infractions, or laws they believe to violate our human rights / constitutional rights.  They do not even teach this in police academies, only in law schools.  Time to change that, or police won't know their responsibilities to other humans!

Reproductive rights: we must always protect women’s rights to do with their bodies as they wish, as we all have!  Terminating pregnancy is a human right.   i support planned parenthood, always have, and always will!  And i support greatly expanded stem-cell research to try to cure Parkinson’s disease, cancer, paralysis, and many other ailments afflicting and killing millions of Americans.  

LGBTQ/human rights: I fought during my very first presidential campaign, starting in 2001, to #legalize #lgbtq sex and “straight” “exotic” sex, and have fought hard for over a decade to allow same-sex marriage, and will continue the fight for all Americans and people of the world to have equal rights to happiness!  I was the first and only presidential candidate ever to fight to legalize LGBTQ sex, as such laws were unconstitutional victimless / consensual "crimes"!  No other candidate has fought for your rights like i did!  the rabbinical school in Los Angeles, ca that I donated the money to start many years ago, the academy for Jewish religion of California (www.ajrca.org) not only has a majority of students as women, most starting second or third careers, but welcomes students, teachers, and administrators of all or no sexual orientations, as love and self-determination are human rights that we should help people achieve any way possible, starting with equal pay, equal rights, and equal honor.  

Equal pay for women: I have supported equal pay for women since I was a child and heard of the “era”, the equal rights amendment.  i still support paying all people the same for the same work.  That is only fair, but there will always naturally be variations in any marketplace, as some people’s work is worth more than others.  Some people can accomplish in seconds what others would take hours or days to complete, or could never really do at all.   Also, in my administration, at least half of all people working for us will be women, and we will pay them equal to men!

Infrastructure: America is crumbling.  Civil engineers estimate we must spend $3.6 trillion over the next few years to fix our infrastructure, but only $2 trillion is budgeted for.  So, we should budget for and spend the rest, $1.6 trillion, immediately to stop the deaths occurring daily from our crumbling roads, bridges, trains, and train tracks.  No, i don’t believe in high speed rails, as they are far more dangerous than slower trains, but we must modernize our slow trains!  Also, we need to cover the nation with bike paths, walking paths, and skating lanes!  We should even create bike/skate lanes on highways as much as possible!  Building walls on north and southern borders will also cost probably another $1trillion, which we have no choice but to spend, but at least it will create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, and keep us all safe too!  Finally, securing our ports, shores, and searching all cargo (but not for drugs!) will cost maybe another $1 trillion, but is necessary for our safety.

Eminent domain: overturn “Kelo v. New London” case which allows use of eminent domain to force one property owner to sell to a wealthier one who will “redevelop” it and will pay more taxes: no more “eminent domain” forced selling of property unless it is used as originally intended: for a major public project like a new highway, not a new economic project that will just let someone else profit.  We must stop this crony capitalism, which is just corruption.  Google “donald #trump”, “eminent domain” “elderly widow” and “limousine parking lot” to understand what i am talking about!  Remember vera coking!  #donald does!  And he can’t wait to turn your home into a parking lot for his limos next! :p



Ban money from politics!

Unlimited campaign spending by corporations: we must overturn “citizens united” case allowing unlimited flows of money into politics, and publicly fund all elections.  All candidates should be given hours and hours of tv time in the months leading up to elections.  Half of all air time should go to campaign ads and debates, year round.  We own the airwaves, so we get to use them for the common good: elections.  Giving them to the highest bidder is just wrong.  We own them, we use them for elections.  


How can we stop unfair trade practices?  Simple: we must enforce current USA law and ban all foreign goods produced using slave labor, so we have fair trade!

We already have laws on the books that ban products produced using slave labor from entering our nation.  The only problem is there is a loophole that “free trade” (what a word to describe slavery!) opponents have exploited that says that if the good is otherwise not available here, then it is allowed in!  The problem is, after a while of producing a good using slave labor, the industry is killed in the United States, and then it is allowed to be sold here.  In actuality, the loophole is considered so broad that the USA government doesn’t even attempt to prove that it is available, we just let everything in!  We must stop this, now!  The simple way is to get congress to change the legislation to not allow any goods produced by slave labor at all into our nation, ever.  All we have to do is take out that legal "loophole"!  Large corporations that want to sell consumer goods here will then have to either end the slavery or make the goods here.  Given the recent huge gains in productivity made possible by robots, many manufacturers will choose to bring manufacturing back to the US, as many have already have started to do, as labor is such a small part of their operating costs. 


Create over 100 million jobs! 

Currently, when unemployment rates are calculated at 5%, they don't count those who have stopped looking for work: about 100 million people, or about 50% of those of working age! https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/lfwa64ttusm647s (yes, a large percentage are retired or in school, or currently caring for family members.)  Why can't they find work?  Because they have criminal records, mostly for victimless/consensual "crimes" like drug possession, or because they can't pass a drug test, which they have no right to require if someone can do their job.  Marijuana or opium, for instance, are testable in one's system for a month after consumption, long after the effects have worn off after a few hours.  One can even test positive for opium by having a poppy bagel before a drug test!   Businesses across the nation report that they have work, but can't find workers, because of our nation's drug laws.  I will enforce the constitution + end this evil forced poverty day one I’m in office, then create 100 million jobs for them by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, rehiring those fired during recent govt spending 10% across the board cuts, and spending equal per child per teacher nationwide.  We will allow small companies to sell stock, so businesses can raise money without bank loans.  Finally, we will ban, nationwide and internationally, all carbon fuels, and require that people operate their businesses in ways that do not kill or poison us all.  to encourage foreign poorer nations to "go green" we will give away our "green technology" to them, and even have our government pay our workers to create green energy sources that we will then donate to the world, to prevent them from burning coal, garbage, wood, and even dried excrement for energy, all of which is not only polluting, but causing extreme and immediate global warming, which threatens all life on earth.  We should also probably ban new plastic production, and at least require plastics in landfills and in the oceans worldwide to be burned in garbage incineration plants for energy.

30) Raise the minimum wage:  it has been part of my platform since i first ran in 2001 to raise the minimum wage to $20/hour, but i would settle for $15/hr for now.  Immediately.  Not like Sen. Bernie Sanders says, over a few years: now.  We need a living wage, not a barely-surviving only with food-stamps wage like we have now!


I support striving for peace with all people and nations of the world.   I strongly support doing all we can to finally achieve peace in the middle east.  


I am Jewish, and love and support our only true ally in the middle east, Israel, very strongly, and strongly encourage them to reach peace with the Palestinians if at all possible, through a negotiated settlement, or if that is not possible, then a unilateral division as a last resort, granting them their own contiguous nation comprising approximately 1/2 the west bank, and all of Gaza certainly, although given the current Hamas ruling of Gaza and Fatah ruling of the Palestinians in the west bank, they might want to have two separate Palestinian nations.  We must encourage them to have free and fair elections, although the last election in Gaza turned into a violent massacre by Hamas of their Fatah political opponents. 

Both "sides" (Israel and the Palestinians) are sick of war, as everyone is at risk of injury or death, and so many have been maimed or killed already.  Everyone has to decide that they don't want their children, grandchildren, etc. to live in war, and that they will do all they can to work for peace, and they will have peace, i pray! 

Israel must stop their human rights abuses of the Palestinians, and grant all living in Israel the same human, civil, and political rights, as enunciated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which .  No more jail without trials, currently 500!  https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/more-palestinians-held-in-jail-without-trial-report-says

Iran nuclear disarmament: 

As for Iran, i supported the nuclear disarmament “deal” to withdraw 97% of their known fissile material.  They must stop their ICBM program too.  furthermore, I greatly support trying to get Iran to make peace with us, with Israel, and with all her neighbors, and to support human rights of all their citizens, and to free the thousands they have wrongfully imprisoned for protesting, who are being tortured, raped, and murdered this second, (as are millions of prisoners in USA jails too, wrongfully imprisoned for victimless/consensual "crimes").  Finally, I fought hard to #freejason and our 4 hostages, and mourn the apparent death in their hands of CIA secret agent Robert Levinson, who was most likely tortured to death.  However, we want proof of his death or will keep pushing for them to find him, which i admit is unlikely.  Mourning.  saying Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead.

Stop the "death penalty" government killing: 

I oppose the “death penalty” first of all because we often make mistakes and kill the wrong guy!  For instance, right now Richard #glossip is scheduled to be murdered in a few weeks for a crime he did not do!  He is #innocent!  He was accused by the real murderer of paying him to kill someone, a lie!  We can’t kill people to teach that killing is wrong, especially when we’re often wrong about the killer!  eye-witness identification is the least reliable evidence there is, it has been proved!  but in this case, there is not even a shred of evidence that he hired anyone, and the man who accused him of paying him to save his own life has admitted to his daughter for years that richard glossip is innocent! we can’t allow the state to murder him! #freerichard! #innocent! We must #freetheinnocents! i will #freetheslaves! #freethe2million #jailedintheusa 4 #unconstitutional #victimless + #consensual “crimes”! i will #pardonthe70million convicted of such fake “crimes”! We must #letourpeoplego! #now! 

Jury Nullification (citizen corollary of police discretion, see above)!  #JustSayNotGuilty!

The right of jurors (jury rights) to always vote "not guilty" for any reason, including they believe the law being applied is immoral, or the way it is being applied is immoral:

We must require judges to inform jurors in all criminal and civil cases of their right to determine the law and the facts, their right to #JuryNullification, their right to vote not guilty for any reason, if they believe that the law as it is written or applied in this case is immoral.  This was the basis of British law since the Magna Carta, and of American law for the first half of our nation’s existence, until around 1900.  We must bring back the requirement that judges inform jurors of their right, to bring back fair trials.  Jurors are the last bulwark between totalitarian laws and innocent people.  Also, we should encourage prosecutors and police to use #discretion and only arrest or prosecute people who have actually harmed another person, against their will.  as for drugs: the best way to prevent accidental overdoses and hiv/aids/std transmission, which can kill us all, is to legalize all drugs now, so people know exactly what they are taking, how much, and how pure it is, and with clean needles.  will save millions of lives, overnight.  Same with legalizing “prostitution”, aka sex work, will save millions of women’s lives, overnight.  We all have #humanrights to do to our bodies as we wish, and no one has the right to enslave us for that, for decades, often.  Causing death, often.  To be raped and killed in jail, often.  #enough!  also, a simple way to cut down on convictions would be to require prosecutors to reveal to jurors the amount of time in jail that the crime they are advocating conviction for would result in, instead of not allowing even judges to tell jurors that!  We must know, to make rational judgements!  Shalom!  Peace! 

#Love!  #LoveParty! #FreeThePeople! #OurBodiesOurRights!  #Fred2020! 

<3 -Fred Schultz JD

More soon! 

We will take back our basic freedoms that our government was founded to protect, not rob from us!  No one has a right to ENSLAVE+ steal our freedom from us for any reason, if we do not hurt someone else.  We are born with human rights, and I will protect our right to freedom, joy and prosperity!  We can get our human rights back, but we all must band together to fight for them, peacefully, now!  

All my love, Fred! More soon, I promise!  Time for #love! Please, join the #loveparty! Don’t just #vote, #run! Please!  Now! #humanrights! #freetheslaves! #freethe2million! #freethe10million arrested for victimless/consensual ‘crimes’ annually, and #pardonthe70million too, so they can get jobs and work on the books, not do crimes or work for under minimum wage, lowering everyone’s standard of living! #love!  #Fred2020! <3 -#Fred

“The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others.” - President Thomas Jefferson

Today, we will free the people, as our nation’s founders originally intended, and bring our troops home, as they intended, so god will bless us and we will be prosperous as they intended, so we can help to free the whole world from oppression, as they intended, through love!  All my love, Fred! #love! #FreeThePeople! #Fred2020!

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